Richard Prince: "New Portraits"
by Charlotte Anderson It’s undeniably weird and yet somehow unsurprising to see Richard Prince’s Instagram feed plastered on gallery walls. On view at NYC's Gagosian Gallery, Prince’s latest exhibit, "New Portraits," is characteristically straightforward...
Complements Portrait Project
When artists (and real life couple) Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski decided they wanted to collaborate, an idea arose that allowed them to explore their symbiotic relationship. Having long complemented each other's independent work, and with both...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Photobooth
In the first of four videos we premiered at the 99% Conference last week we took a trip to the Mission District in San Francisco, California to talk to Michael Shindler, co-founder of Photobooth. Photobooth serves as both a retail space for classic...
In her new book Rewilding, Cass Bird exuberantly dances around the defining lines of femininity, sexuality and the human connection to nature. Shedding gender definitions, and, at times, their clothes in the hilly countryside of Tennessee, Bird's...
Kim Dong Yoo
Already a household name in Asia, Korean painter Kim Dong Yoo's inaugural U.S. exhibit at NYC's Hasted Kraeutler gallery aims to introduce the artist to a new, American audience. The self-titled show features a series of large-scale paintings...