Sweet Meats Plushies
Looking for a gift for your favorite butcher? Sweet Meats makes plushies of meat, providing comfort to carnivores outside of meal times. Steaks, ribs, sausages and ham are all represented.
Pimp My Doll
Pimp My Doll is a plushie exhibition taking place in Venice, Italy from 24 March (launch event at 7pm) to 21 April 2006. In addition to the majority of French artists, there will also be artists from all around the globe participating. Exploring the...
Pocket Pork
Now there's no denying the ultimate power of beady little eyes, (just consider the mass appeal of pug dogs) but when those shining black orbs are supposed to belong to plush versions of yummy chinese steamed or fried dumplings, those little fellas...
Plush Week at Gallery 1988
Opening this Tuesday night in L.A. at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight is Plush Week! The show features hundreds of one of kind plush toys to drown yourself in cuteness consumption gluttony. Featured here is Tsai-Fi's Periwinkle Dust Bunni. Tsai...
Giant Microbes
Giant Microbes is a line of esoteric plushies that explores the scientific rather than the usual adorable or fantasy based toys. What child wouldn't want to see, hold and play with the Ebola virus, a bed bug, a flu virus, or a Giardia microbe...
Electronic Toy Design
Yury Gitman is teaching a course at Parson's this semester called Making Toys: The Insides and Outsides of Electronic Toy Design. The students spent the first part of the semester dissecting Poohs, Boohbahs and a Learning Friend Tad among others...
Baby-Eating Puppet
Teach your child a harsh but ultimately necessary lesson in mortality with this adorably insatiable plush sea mammal. Because of its vague description, we're not exactly sure what's up with the "Eating Whale Puppet," except that...
Friends With You
Check out these sometimes auspicious buddies from Friends With You. They're 100% handmade bundles of quirky love. Most items will set you back by about $15 or $30 green. Featured here is Mr.TTT and mini Mr.TTT. Both of which are said to bring...
Big Willy Snot Box and Uranus
Forget your grandmother's crochet tissue box covers, it's all about these naughty little creatures. They're the next big thing in the Parcel line by Loop. They'll retail for about $10 - 16 at select stores in Japan, Europe and the...
House of Ingri
Ingri turns glum into cute-- in the form of vinyl plush dolls. They are produced by hand taking about 3 hours each, which renders them pretty limited edition. All of the designs on her site, as well as some new ones are available exclusively at Koimarket...