"All My Plants Are Dead" Tote
Purveyors of goods for the introverted, cynical or sad, Stay Home Club joined forces with artist Kaye Blegvad for the tragically sweet "All My Plants Are Dead" tote bag. Made in the USA and screen-printed in Montreal, the bag is big at 18 by 18 inches...
"Growth" at Design Pavilion, Astor Place Plaza
During the hubbub of NYCxDesign, it's delightful to unexpectedly walk into a public exhibition in a convenient outdoor location. It's even more fun when it concerns something as accessible (in price and concept) as planters and vases. Under the...
Project Florence Finds a Way to Communicate with Plants
"Welcome to my garden... Good morning... The sun will shine into our yard too." These words haven't been uttered by the owner of a meditation retreat, but a leafy, green plant. It's been proven plants can communicate with each other, and Redmond...
From Click & Grow to Urban Cultivator, technology is increasingly being used to bring the backyard garden closer than previously imaginable—to the heart of the kitchen. Another contender, Cambridge, MA-based SproutsIO, is coming close to launching...
Ambienta Plant Lamp
The mushroom-shaped Ambienta lamp has two settings (grow light and ambient light) and, like a paint palette, has compartments for six plants. Seagreenlife's soil-free plants grow on water, nutrients and a hydroponic growth medium located at the base...
A Wilder Life
Since launching in 2011, Wilder Quarterly has been rousing genuine excitement about growing and gardening in people who typically encounter more software bugs than the natural kind. Nearly five years later, the print magazine (now on a bi-annual...
Plant-in-City's Architectural Terrariums
With the ease of upkeep for air plants and terrariums—not to mention their flourishing, eco-wonderland-like contributions to offices and living spaces—there is an array of curious new options on the market. One, rather distinct from the rest, is...
Spora Ceiling Planter
This ceramic and leather Spora ceiling planter—made by Brooklyn-based design studio Light + Ladder—adds elegance to any apartment while freeing up floor space. Sturdy vegetable-tanned leather straps secure a matte stoneware vessel, which is perfect...
Brass Lid Vision Glass
Designer duo 10¹² from Ichikawa, Japan follow up their beautiful prism Terra Hydro Terrarium with another iteration that's more "open-air." Their Brass Lid Vision Glass was designed to exhibit the entirety of the plant in its beauty—no hiding underneath...
New Ways to House Air Plants
Thriving without soil and growing into alien shapes, the rootless and pretty low-maintenance tillandsia—more commonly referred to as "air plants"—requires a throne worthy of their exotic uniqueness. Tired of standard vase or terrarium options, we searched...
Life Measured Pitcher
Brooklyn-based industrial design studio Visibility and food design publication MOLD have collaborated on a borosilicate glass pitcher that's more than just pretty to look at. Whether using it as a wine carafe, a mixing bowl or something else altogether...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: The Green Thumb
Whether buying for an expert gardener who has acres of backyard or an apartment-dwelling succulent-killer, there's something for every kind of plant enthusiast this season. From beautiful watering cans that double as vases, to traditional Japanese...
Indoor Green: Living With Plants
Full of bright and cheery photography by Lauren Bamford with words by Mr Kitly owner Bree Claffey, "Indoor Green: Living With Plants" is a hardcover tome that celebrates the power of flora. Showing off homes all over the world, the book reveals the...
Hori Hori All-Purpose Digging Knife
Made from high-quality carbon steel, this 11-inch Hori Hori ("hori" meaning "to dig" in Japanese) is perfect for repotting indoor or outdoor plants and getting rid of pesky weeds. Part knife and part spade, its blade is serrated to get through roots...
Microgarden Indoor Greenhouse
The clever Microgarden is a foldable greenhouse in which to grow vegetable sprouts. Perfect for small spaces, Microgarden blends an appealing, simple design with reliable functionality. Made from a transparent, recyclable and waterproof material, the...
Mint Watering Pot
Handcrafted from porcelain, Dutch designer Elke van den Berg's mint-green watering pot is not just beautiful to look at, but is also ultimately functional. Dishwasher-safe, with a glistening inner-glaze that contrasts its matte outside, the pot features...
Strange Plants Box Set
Folch Studio and editor Zio Baritaux created the Strange Plants books to explore contemporary artists who turn to flora as their muse—in the studio, and in personal life. Covering Lee Kwang-Ho's hyperrealist cacti paintings to plant-inspired flash...
Fluorescent Acrylic Cactus
SF-based designer Nobel Truong's cacti are an especially rare type: they give off a glow thanks to the fluorescent acrylic material they're laser-cut from. Choose from three different species (Saguaro, Echinocereus or moon cactus) and never worry about...
Transcendent Plant
From new leather goods line Faike comes a snake plant that will stand the test of time, no matter how many business trips you take. Made from black leather and encased wire, the eight individual leaves bend to however you please becoming an adaptive...
Studio Ayaskan's GROWTH Planter
It's safe to say that there are plenty of eye-catching planters on the market. That said, there's nothing quite like London-based Studio Ayaskan's new concept, GROWTH. More than just exquisite geometric patterning, the pot actually unfolds and...
Succulent Pillow
These realistic-looking succulents are, in fact, decorative pillows handmade from cotton canvas and linen by Sabine Herrmann. The Berkeley, California-based artist takes her own photographs of the diverse vegetation around the neighborhood, which are...
Six Eye-Catching Planters
Once you've gotten the knack of keeping finicky houseplants healthy and green, they'll soon outgrow their current residences, and when they do—consider upgrading to one of these eye-catching planters. From the statement metallics to minimalist designs...
London Terrariums
Gardening is having a bit of a moment in London. New flower shops are opening that focus on simple-to-care-for, visually striking plants and plenty of creatives visit the Columbia Road Flower Market every Sunday to buy plants and cut flowers. Some...
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