Art Every Day Notebook
Whether you're suffering from post-holiday blues or a case of the Mondays, usually the best treatment is to kickstart your creativity. One easy and affordable way to do that is a good old doodle or freewrite. This notebook from Poketo is especially...
Dodecal 3D Calendar
Far from a traditional calendar, this wooden 3D Dodecal designed by Ric Bell makes for a beautiful desk accessory. With 12 faces (aka a dodecahedron) this calendar has the months and days laser-engraved on each side—so all you need to do is flip each...
Creative Calendars and Planners for 2017
Unless you were given a calendar, planner or agenda for the holidays, most people wait a few days into the new year before realizing it's time to get organized. While there is a plethora of apps to help with scheduling and completing tasks, there's...
Object_ify 139 Second Anniversary Day Planner
To celebrate their two year anniversary, NYC design store Object_ify 139 launched a comprehensive pocket-sized daily planner today. With a decidedly a future-retro vibe, the planner boasts rainbow-colored pages and artwork and designs by 53 NYC...
Creative Calendar Ideas for 2016
For many of us planning doesn't come naturally and, while Google calendars are useful, they're not the most inspirational. Further, everyone looks for something different in a calendar: whether that's plenty of space for itemizing a day or a broad...
ARCHER Day Planner
The Active System Co’s ARCHER Monthly Day Planner and Journal was designed with efficiency, productivity and awareness in mind. Part calendar, journal and activity log, the ARCHER planner contains 52 pages of neatly organized sections to document appointments...
14 Calendars for 2014
According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the wood horse promises opportunities and victories, adventures and even surprising romances—if you're willing to take chances like the free-spirited, spontaneous animal. Although the Standard Hotel's 2014...
Salaryman Project
Part weekly planner, part conceptual documentary, "Salaryman Project" from Bruno Quinquet merges the practical with the artistic. Quinquet's architectural eye for composition pairs with his subjects, a hard-working mass of faceless, suited men that...