Designer Marc Newson's prolific body of work spans everyday objects to total luxury, all executed with the utmost attention to detail, form and function. The latest exhibit dedicated to his output focuses on designs related to mobility and human...
Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt
by Meehna Goldsmith A provocatively sleek new watch, Maximilian Büsser's titanium and sapphire Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt is a raw tribute to aviation with time-keeping as a "fringe benefit." Mounted to the strap with screws designed...
Terrafugia Transition: Airplane-Car Hybrid
Now you can fulfill all of your George Jetson dreams with Terrafugia Transition's aircraft/car combo, which completed its first successful flight this month. The carbon-fiber framed vehicle transforms between plane and automobile in an impressive...
How To Fly A Plane
Having an idea about How To Fly A Plane has got to be a handy thing, which is why my eyes were drawn to the giveaway title on the front of this new book. It's not a manual, more an introduction to the basics of taking off, flying and landing in...
Jenny Holzer: For New York City
A big thank you to Creative Time for bringing the brilliance of Jenny Holzer to NYC. Jenny Holzer returns to New York City to launch her first public art project here in over a decade. The project consists of her first xenon projections in the...
Mile High Kit
Mile High Kit is the first in a new line of products from Oro Design. Stocked with everything you need to get prepared and get busy, the Mile High Kit keeps the savvy traveller equipped with all the toys and tools needed for a hot night. Condoms...
Air Traffic Ant Farm
The Aviation Systems Division of the NASA Ames Research Center has published Emergence.
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