Valerie Phillips' "Another Girl Another Planet"
There are some familiar faces within the pages of photographer Valerie Phillips' latest compilation, "Another Girl Another Planet," published by Rizzoli. And yet, every other face that doesn't belong to a celebrity, model or public figure also feels...
Instant Wide Victoria Peak Camera
Offering everything from a fully programmatic shutter (for beginners) to manual exposure settings (for those looking to get technical or exploratory), Lomography's new Lomo'Instant Wide Victoria Peak works in the hands of all photographers. The camera...
Take a Closer Look at These Instagrammers
We all spend hours trawling though Instagram and—between the memes and celebrity style feeds—there are some incredibly inspiring, creative and thoughtful people who are making the platform better. We're taking the opportunity to shine a little spotlight...
Testing the Orlebar Brown SnapShorts App
Furthering their commitment to the world of photography, swimwear brand Orlebar Brown recently released an app, SnapShorts, that lets anyone turn their photographs into swim trunks. Within SnapShorts, one can select a photo they've taken, choose...
Photo Essay: From Fjord to Farm in Norway
On a recent visit to Norway, we toured the country from Oslo to the home of Jarlsberg to the western fjord lands, stopping at dairy farms along the way. After a remarkably sunny day in Oslo at the Snøhetta-designed Operahuset, we headed for the country...
Photo Journey: Infiniti Q30
On a recent adventure, CH founder Josh Rubin wound his way on foot through the historic city of Krakow, Poland—guided by Infiniti's new Seeker—a navigation device inspired by the Q30 which focuses on the journey, pointing drivers in the right direction...
The Cuba Archive by Tria Giovan
NYC- and Sag Harbor-based photographer Tria Giovan traveled to Cuba 11 times during the severe economic depression of the '90s, snapping over 25,000 images with a sense of urgency. Her photos reveal glimpses of perseverance and enduring spirit in one...
Sharing photos with loved ones doesn't mean gathering around the projector or hardcover photo album anymore. Tech-centric times call for tech-centric solutions and LaCie's FUEL is just that: pair up to five devices for without cable or internet to...
Hugo Passos Cork Wedge
Just in at the Jasper Morrison shop is a simple household item made immediately covetable. Designed by Portuguese-born, London-based designer Hugo Passos, the handmade cork wedge—molded from Portuguese cork supplied by Amorim—is a straightforward...
Complements Portrait Project
When artists (and real life couple) Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski decided they wanted to collaborate, an idea arose that allowed them to explore their symbiotic relationship. Having long complemented each other's independent work, and with both...
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