Putting Light Phone to the Test
When it was announced in 2015, the concept behind the Kickstarter-funded Light Phone felt much like a breath of fresh air. Roughly the size of four stacked credit cards, the device proposed a mobile world free of internet, apps and even texting...
Samsung Gear 360 Camera
While unveiling the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 last month, Samsung announced another exciting product: the Gear 360 camera. An update from their original 360 camera, the intuitive device captures complete 360-degree images and video thanks to a pair...
HTC 10 Android Phone
Offering plenty of future-forward technological benefits, the HTC 10 Android is—at first—a well designed ergonomic device, thanks to its contoured shape. With Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for pro-level photos from the front and back (no more fuzzy...
The Punkt. MP 01 Mobile Phone
In 2015, the idea of not having immediate access to the internet, games and social media apps on your phone has gone from inspiring terror and fear of missing out to sounding increasingly appealing. The ability to disconnect and not constantly check...
Best of CH 2014: Most Popular
Sometimes it's easy to predict what will be a hit on the internet (kitten GIFs never fail) and, while we like to think all our CH articles are equally enjoyed, some get picked up and spewed all over the web—much to our delight. (This year, some Tweets...
Cool Hunting Video: Fashion and Technology at NYFW
The futuristic film classic, "Blade Runner," promised a race "more human than human." Transforming this slice of science-fiction into reality, Dr. Sabine Seymour (the woman behind Moondial) embodies such superhuman ideals of brain and beauty...
Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit
An ultra-portable and environmentally conscious power supply that charges via the sun even on cloudy days, the Sherpa 50 weighs less than a bottle of water, and can add 15 hours of power to a tablet or one to two hours on a laptop.
Wake Alarm from Tiny Hearts
If your natural reaction to the alarm going off is to cause your phone physical harm, Tiny Hearts' Wake Alarm could be perfect for you. Released today, Wake Alarm was created in an attempt to make mornings easier, with an almost completely personalized...
Nokia Lumia 920
With plenty of attention going towards mobile phones on Apple's iOS and Google's Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" platforms, Nokia announced yesterday the flagship model for the Windows Phone 8, the Lumia 920. At first glance, the phone stands out for bright...
Relying on just one AA battery, the newly launched SpareOne mobile phone holds its power for an astonishing 15 years, with 10 hours of consecutive talk time on a single charge. Developed by industry giant XPAL Power—which also makes the combined...