Leave Earth Behind: "The Universe is a Small Hat"
It's not extraordinarily uncommon to dream of packing your belongings, jumping on a spaceship and leaving Earth far, far behind. Motives may differ, from a hope to escape a planet polluted by unpleasantries, to an insatiable desire for adventure...
Susan Sontag
One of the contemporary world's foremost thinkers, Susan Sontag contributed a wealth of critical analysis to a wide variety of subjects, and her singular intellect is as informative as it is provocative. In a new book, Rolling Stone vet Jonathan Cott...
Exploring the mind-bending question, "What does contemporary actually mean?" The MIT Press book, "Time," explores how we measure minutes. If clock time is but a construct of capitalist structure, how else can we examine this abstract concept? Essays...
New Alchemies
by Stefano Caggiano We currently live in a world surrounded by varied design, and people commonly appreciate peculiar features that work together as opposing aesthetics. But in the past, when coherence and rationality were keys to any solid example...
Daily Rituals
Mason Currey looks into the lives of some of history's most inspiring minds and compiles a fascinating range of daily rituals. Read about Jean-Paul Sarter, who wrote while on ten times the recommended dose of aspirin each day, Thomas Wolfe, who chose...
Essays on Reality
There's a good chance you have come across Greg Barth's work recently. In the past two years, the Swiss multi-disciplinary art and video director has gotten noticed among enlightened circles, as well as the general public, for his clearly identifiable...
The Humping Pact
Artistic works addressing the relationship between the human body and its environment are not a new concept. The Berlin-based duo behind "The Humping Pact" fit into this tradition while establishing new methods to distinguish itself from past attempts...
Everything is Fucked, Everything is Okay
Responding to common feelings of being overwhelmed by our chaotic modern world, Everything is Fucked, Everything is Okay is a new print zine featuring writing from contributors based in NYC, London and Sydney. Assembled by hand by Brooklyn-based...
The Scholium Project
The idea of switching careers in mid-life may seem far-fetched for most, but for philosophy professor Abe Schoener this aspiration became a reality when he decided to turn the tables in 1998 and become a student of viticulture. Taking sabbatical...
The Pig That Therefore I Am
Photographer Miru Kim's newest exhibition "The Pig That Therefore I Am" opens next week at NYC's Doosan Gallery. For her latest series, the Korean-born, New York-based artist juxtaposes her own nude body with those of about 300 pigs, exploring the...