AREA4 + Architect Suchi Reddy's Prospect Park Pinwheel Flower Garden
As Brooklyn's Prospect Park celebrates its 150th anniversary, an underused patch of land in Frederick Law Olmsted's sprawling wonder now contains a temporary public work of wonder. Situated in the 2.5-acre Rose Garden, 7,000 flower-like pinwheels...
CH25: Dan Barasch + James Ramsey
Dan Barasch, co-founder of NYC's The Lowline movement for the construction of a subterranean park, is a third-generation New Yorker. It’s his love for the city, and desire to share the magic of its secret nooks and deep history that led him...
Dan Barasch + James Ramsey
Dan Barasch, co-founder of NYC's The Lowline movement for the construction of a subterranean park, is a third-generation New Yorker. It’s his love for the city, and desire to share the magic of its secret nooks and deep history that led him to...
Summer Picnic Essentials
It's not officially summer until you've brought the party outdoors, but a really memorable picnic is more than paper plates and snacks. From games to speakers, bowls to coolers, we've selected some of the best new products to make your al fresco adventure...
High Line: A Field Guide and Handbook
This limited run book by conceptual artist Mark Dion is the unofficial guide to NYC’s popular elevated park on the West Side. Let your imagination run wild as Dion blends fact and fiction about the High Line’s history, complete with observations, rumors...
Zebra Towel
Ditch the threadbare Technicolor rags lying around the linen closet and invest in a sophisticated zebra hide beach towel from Maslin & Co. Complete with its own leather carrying strap, this is an accessory to show fellow beachgoers you mean business...
Campsite Booking Made Easy with Hipcamp
Camping is about getting away from it all: ditching the internet for a few days, embracing the wild and soaking in the sounds and views of nature. But as those who have tried planning the perfect trip know, it can be a frustrating and confusing process...
Off Piste: Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
by Kelly Phillips Badal The amount of Jurassic-era limestone rising above the trees of western Madagascar's Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park—hundreds of miles worth of jagged rock—gives the landscape the look of a formidable fortress. Lofty spires...
Lowline Young Designers Program
This weekend, at NYC's Mark Miller Gallery, an enthusiastic and clever bunch of middle-schoolers shared their visions—and plans—for the future of the city. The exhibit, which will run through March 9 and is sponsored by the Lowline’s Young Designers...
Word of Mouth: Amsterdam
Much like the city's compact urban landscape, Amsterdam's creative history is also densely formed, and even a quick visit to the Dutch capital can be extremely inspiring. Interestingly, you often hear Dutch people say they strive to act "normal"—yet...
Arnold Arboretum
Part of the gorgeous string of parks and walkways known as the Emerald Necklace, the Arnold Arboretum is a breathtakingly beautiful respite from the bustle of Boston—and is the oldest public arboretum on the continent. Located in the Jamaica Plain...
Hotel Lincoln
It may not be right down on Michigan Avenue or in the heart of the Loop, but take one step outside or gaze from the rooftop deck and you'll understand why you're here in the heart of Lincoln Park. Hotel Lincoln opened in 2012 and sits across from Green...
Road Trip: Seattle
Located just under three hours north of Portland is the Northwest's better known, bigger city—Seattle. A real city to Portland's town, Seattle is often seen as the big brother of the two, which as one might imagine has created a bit of rivalry. This...
Dequindre Cut Greenway
Detroit’s history as the heart of the American auto industry, leading to the nickname Motor City, has often neglected cyclists. The Dequindre Cut Greenway is the beginning of many changes Detroit is making to become a more bike-friendly city. Formerly...
Shake Shack
The line outside of Shake Shack on any given day is a fairly good indicator of how much it's enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Before going, check their webcam to see how long you'll have to wait (sometimes over an hour, depending on weather and...
Interview: Orly Genger
It's been two months since "Red, Yellow and Blue" opened in NYC at Madison Square Park, and every day it continues to leave a gaze-worthy impression on passerby who are unsure how to approach the spilled, towering waves of vivid primary colors. Onlookers...
New York City of Trees
As spring tries to battle off the last bouts of winter in NYC, we are all anxious to get back to our favorite outdoor spots and explore some new ones. Just in time to answer that itch is Benajmin Swett's newest release, "New York City of Trees...
CH Local: Cape Town
Cradled by a striking 360-degree panorama of a horseshoe-shaped mountain range and the sparkling sea, Cape Town is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth. South Africa's Mother City has historically been a harbor destination, beginning with European...
The String Orchestra of Brooklyn
The String Orchestra of Brooklyn (SOB) is committed to an inclusive approach to music-making, opening up their expert ensemble to a range of site-specific musical experiments and collaborations with musicians from around the greater New York area...
Best of CH 2011: Five Books
The digital era isn't stopping writers with a clear purpose for a printed publication, and readers are just as eager to get their hands on a bit of paper that will stimulate their mind and sit well on their shelves for another read another day. Below...
High Line: The Inside Story
The road to creating one of New York's most beloved parks was not unlike the unruly terrain that High Line: The Inside Story of New York City's Park in the Sky," chronicles the behind-the-scenes of the epic ten-year restoration project. The...
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