The Palm Project's Natural Bags and Baskets
Mexico City-based designer and CENTRO university professor Moisés Hernández has been dedicated to forwarding design in his native country. His curatorial shop Diario is stocked with unique products made in Mexico (like this two-toned bright blue...
Foléo: The New Mobile Companion from Palm
Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm, unveiled a new mobile device called Foléo today via webcast from the D: All Things Digital Conference. Dubbed as a "mobile companion," the device is to be used as an extension of your smart-phone providing...
First Look at the Treo 680
Earlier today at Digitallife Palm announced the much anticipated Treo 680. We got our hands on one and are happy to report it's a great improvement over the 650. The device is smaller in all dimensions. The screen is brighter and more crisp...
Tube 2 NYC, London and Paris
Tube, the absolute best subway mapping program for the Palm, has been updated to a significantly new and improved version. Incorporating subway lines and station information with either a system or street view, Tube even includes route planning and...
Treo 650: First Impressions
Too many hours of my day yesterday were lost to making acquaintance with my new Treo 650 (GSM Unlocked). The most obvious new features are certainly a huge improvement-- Bluetooth, high resolution display and a better button layout. Even more exciting...