Brooklyn's Luft Coffee
About five years ago, Blair Smith's twice-a-day coffee pitstop at NYC's Kaffe 1668 led to him striking up a friendship with barista Justin Rodriguez behind the counter. Smith then met mobile developer Aaron Sutula in a coffee seminar held by an espresso...
MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design
Stuart Tolley's (creative director and founder of graphic design studio Transmission) last book “Collector’s Edition” was all about unusual, mind-bending and sometimes over-the-top designs—he also created the striking Artist Cover Bomb series for...
P&T's New Master Blends
Augmenting the tea experience since it opened in December 2012, Berlin-based P&T (short for Paper & Tea) has been a place of discovery and education, sans the snootiness. Freshly added to their beautiful range of whole loose-leaf teas and herbal...
Harper Macaw Chocolate
Entering the burgeoning world of artisanal chocolate with a flourish, Harper Macaw's Washington, DC-made bars capture attention with their kaleidoscopic packaging. We were enticed to open the crisp, colorful boxes but ultimately more pleased to...
Golda by Studio Cue LA
You might not be as familiar with hiba as you are with Japan's more well-known native offering, the hinoki cypress, but its unique benefits are aplenty. The essential oil extracted from rare hiba wood, which can take 300 years to mature, is said...
The Beer Box That Repels Mosquitos
South of the equator, summer is in full swing and Papua New Guinea's SP Lager, a subsidiary of Heineken, decided to take action against something that often goes hand-in-hand with enjoying a nice cold beer outside—buzzing (and malaria-spreading...
Pointy Snout Caviar
Record-high pollution levels and depleted sturgeon populations spurred an outright ban on fishing in the Caspian Sea in the early 2000s, which left the caviar industry flat-footed and desperately in need of a new source. As a means to an alternative...
"Collector's Edition" Artist Cover Bomb Series
Published in September, British design studio director and graphic designer Stuart Tolley’s book “Collector’s Edition” showcases some of the most mind-blowing and unusual limited edition graphic design and packaging ever made for books, music...
Wax Bottle Candle
The most recognized brand packaging in recent history makes a quiet statement on consumerism when stripped down and spun into a wax candle. There's something comforting and industrial about burning such an object rendered as art.
Today, launching across 31 states (with additional states expected throughout 2014), a new pharmacy tool, with convenience and product design as its core, plans to revolutionize the way people take their daily medication. PillPack begins with a...
Khamra Purple Bolo
The handmade Khamra Purple Bolo necklace is an instant solution to any boring outfit conundrum. The adjustable hand-formed ceramic pendant sits on a 36-inch brass chain which allows for many wearability options for both the ladies and the gents. Tighten...
2012 Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir
Sourced from grapes growing in the moderate temps of California's Santa Rita Hills, Municipal Winemakers' pinot noir is a low alcohol variety offering notes of cherry and raspberry. The grapes are hand-picked at night with only 200 cases bottled in...
When opening a recent purchase from the Dwell store, we were surprised to uncover a new type of safe packaging material. ExpandOS is eye-catching—with its paper-made pyramid-like structure—and the more research we embarked on, the happier it made...
Hawt Sauce by Holloway Kitchen
Made from just 10 ingredients, Hawt Sauce is the result of a year's experimentation and is the very first product to emerge from Adam Brooks' start-up culinary enterprise, Holloway Kitchen. “It's unusual in that it's very thick, almost like a salsa...
Martins Cafe
Inside the colorful cardboard boxes by Martins Cafe, you'd expect to find retro wind-up toys. However, once you tear off a flap from the robot-printed package you're hit with the rich smell of ground coffee instead. The unexpected element marks...
Design: Paper
Edited by Austin-based creative collective Public School, "Design: Paper" gathers together some of the medium's more curious recent works, spanning the areas of identity, print, packaging, stationery and papercraft. The book explores the upside...
Plymouth Gin
Next time you reach for Plymouth Gin, you'll notice their newly redesigned bottle. A welcomed transformation from the tall, square-shaped vessel with a navy blue and silver color scheme to a rounded antique-style shape and distinctive oval label...
Mariage Frères Thé Vert Nouveau
Over 157 years experience, more than 500 varieties of tea sourced from 30 countries and Mariage Frères continues to add to its already-impressive offerings. Their Thé Vert Nouveau (new green tea) collection features four varieties of Japanese...
Ecovative Ecocradle
Founded just a few years ago by two Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute grads, the environmentally-friendly firm Ecovative is already proving themselves valuable with their new solution to problematically wasteful shipping materials. The Ecocradle...
Divan Turkish Delight
Taking an age-old confection into the 21st century, Divan's Turkish Delights are a classic recipe housed in elegantly modern packaging. Discovered on a recent trip to Istanbul, Divan has been handcrafting these delicious delicacies since 2006. The...
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