Founded this past September as a creative outlet for the smaller ideas that would otherwise go untouched by designer Matt Rafael at his home and interior design/build company Raphael Design, Ruphus utilizes Rafael's 20 plus years of design experience...
The story behind Kletterwerks is a long and adventurous one. Named for a rough German translation of "climbing factory," the handmade backpack brand was founded by experienced outdoorsman Dana Gleason in 1975. Built entirely in Bozeman, Montana...
The Beer Wrench
Combining a trifecta of our own personal passions—minimalist design, bicycles and beer—is the newly released Beer Wrench from Budnitz Bicycles. The pocket-sized tool features a 15mm wrench to remove axle bolts on one end, and a bottle...
Tiny World Terrariums
From their Victorian-era genesis to waves of popularity in the '70s and in recent years, terrariums have taken on a variety of mossy forms. Leading their most recent charge was the uniquely charming, Brooklyn-based Twig Terrariums, whose uncanny...
MTN Approach
While splitboards continue to grow in popularity, the technology involved has generally remained stagnant, leaving riders on a compromised board lacking the performance they often need in the backcountry. As a solution, two snowboard industry...
Tulip Lantern
Always a step ahead of the rest in the niche outdoor tech industry, Snow Peak makes intuitive and aesthetically focused backpacking gear and adventure-driven accessories. Building on the strength of products like their titanium iphone case, the...
Coco Mat Surfboards
As the latest innovation in sustainable surfboard production, Global Surf Industries' Coco Mat Technology employs coconut husk fibers to reduce both board weight and harmful chemicals used in processing and manufacturing. Weighing between three...