Cool Hunting Video Presents: Juana Molina: Nugroove vol. 10
Episode 84 visits Argentine songstress Juana Molina at her ranch outside of Buenos Aires and at a live performance in NYC. In this exclusive interview, she shares her songwriting technique, her approach to incorporating electronic music and her experience...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Matthew Dear: Nugroove vol. 8
M ss ng p eces recently traveled to Michigan to spend a few days with Texas-born musician Matthew Dear (aka Audion) before his first-ever live band performance. In between rehearsals for the show, we stroll down train tracks and do a little fishing...
Top Five Songs from CH Video Soundtracks
Here are our five favorite songs featured in CH's video podcasts that are available on iTunes: Whistling In Tongues" by Felix Laband, from the albumDark Days Exit "Mountaintops In Caves" by Talkdemonic, from the album Beat Romantic...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Nouvelle Vague: Nugroove vol. 5
With bossa nova-kissed covers of vintage new wave, lilting French accents and sweetly soothing vocals, Nouvelle Vague's eponymous debut in 2004 was a global hit, providing the perfect soundtrack for romantic first dates. Currently touring with their...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Hess is More: Nugroove vol. 3
Mikkel Hess (aka Hess is More), makes music for films, theater and multimedia (including a recent collaboration with the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen), has a current radio and MTV hit in Europe, and plays tennis. With his virtuosic ability to play...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Quantic: Nugroove vol. 2
Known for deftly blending a wide range of multi-ethnic sounds, calling Brighton-based DJ Amazon.
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Nugroove v1: Ellis and Arnold Live
Welcome to the first episode in our new CH Video series, Nugroove—an exploration of musicians who are able to expand both what we hear and think. This episode focuses on two critically acclaimed Detroit musicians; Jeremy Ellis and John Arnold. Ellis...