Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Royal Egyptian Scribe's 3,000-Year-Old Tomb Dating back to the Ramesside period, around 1200 BCE, a tomb has been unearthed on the west bank of the Nile in Egypt. Japanese archaeologists, led by Waseda University Professor Jiro Kondo, made...
"No Limits," In the Gloaming
Sponsored content: Three large-scale sculptural works have left their initial Park Avenue placement and ventured south to sit among other iconic Manhattan skyscrapers they re-envision. Situated between and around New York City's Union Square and...
Nokia Lumia 928, In the Gloaming
Advertorial content: The Nokia Lumia 928 promises to be the best low-light camera phone on the market today, so we're using it to produce a new series of stories photographed at twilight, called In the Gloaming. Sporting Carl Zeiss® optics and...
Nokia Lumia 920
With plenty of attention going towards mobile phones on Apple's iOS and Google's Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" platforms, Nokia announced yesterday the flagship model for the Windows Phone 8, the Lumia 920. At first glance, the phone stands out for bright...
Ovi: Music, GPS and Games
By now, you've most likely heard all the Nokia buzz today—great new phones, the N95 is finally coming stateside and the gaming industry continues to go more mobile. We love the expanded 8G memory in the N81 and N95 which allows us to hold...
Latest from Nokia
Yesterday was a big day for Nokia at their Open Studio event—eight new products, an indy store driven Music Recommenders service, David Bowie appearance, Gnarles Barkley concert, Om Malik panel discussion and a tricked out Mustang alongside...
Nokia E70 Now Available in the US
Just a quick post to say that the E70 that I reviewed here back in July is now available for purchase by US customers direct from Nokia for $449. This is is a slightly different version of the device which supports certain North American frequencies...
Nokia Flagship Store, NYC
Yesterday I had a sneak peek at Nokia's flagship store that will open here in NYC on Saturday (9 September 2006). The store, located just east of 5th Avenue on 57th Street, is the second Nokia store to open here in the US. Aiming to change the...
Nokia E70: Hands On
It took a week, but I'm now in love with my Nokia E70. I have always been a fan of the butterfly form-factor, but out of the box the new version of Nokia's S60 software felt as convoluted as Windows. After reconfiguring the menus, installing...
Nokia Flagship Store in Chicago
Nokia's second flagship store opens on Chicago's chic Magnificent Mile tomorrow, 24 June 2006 (the first is in Moscow). One has to wonder whether this premier U.S. location is strategically or coincidentally placed in Motorola's home...
Open Your Eyes
To demonstrate the significant leap in Nokia NSeries' video phone quality, Nokia commissioned 16 independent directors to film and compose shorts using nothing but their new phone. All featured on the NSeries website, the series, titled Open...
Nokia 8800 Black
I've always loved the Nokia sliders, and was rather impressed with the stainless steel, spring loaded, uber-lux 8800 when it first came out last year. Now they've released an updated, super sexy all black version, distributed exclusively...
Nokia E Series Pics
We got to play with some samples of the new Nokia E series today. The hardware felt pretty close to final, but the software is still a bit buggy. Nothing that can't be worked out before their launch next year, though. Overall, we were very impressed...
Nokia E70
I've always detested the Blackberry and am recently over my Treo. Lately I've been using the E70 is a butterfly phone like the earlier E61. Other features in both phones include a 2MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and Push-to-talk. Available early...
Nokia + P.S.1's WarmUp
In recent years Nokia has designed deco handsets, turned LCD screens into mini art galleries, backed arts related organizatons, and tasked creative types (like judges of the Tribeca film fest) with creating cell phone-produced work. Currently, as...
Nokia 8800
Announced yesterday, the 8800 is the latest in Nokia's high-end slider series (my personal favorite of all the range). Featuring a stainless steel case and a ball bearing assisted slider, this statement in elegance is also packed with the usual...
Nokia Bluetooth Picture Headset
HS-13w is a new wireless headset from Nokia. It includes a color display for viewing pictures and browsing the contact list. It also includes a voice dialing feature that supports speaking numbers or the name of someone in the contact list. Two things...
Nokia 2650
Nokia announced 5 new phones today. Gizmodo has all the details. Overall, I'm not super impressed. They are doing a couple interesting things with materials, but the new clamshell designs are just kind of blah. I do really like the hinge on the...
Wave Texting
Remember that toy from 1981, the 3220. Nokia calls it Light Messaging, others call it Air Texting. Whatever you call it, stay tuned for a fun new way to flirt, flame or play.
Vertu Ascent
Nokia's little lux side project, Vertu , yields a new collection. Ascent combines leather and high tech metals and has more attractive lines than the original Signature line, launched in 2002. The price point is still insane, however. $4500 at a...
Nokia 6820
Last week, Nokia announced a bunch of new phones . The 7700 Media Device has been getting all the press because it's so damn wacky. The one I'm hot for is the less hyped and more useful 6820 (pictured above). It's what I've been anticipating since...
Nokia 6850!?
It looks like my tech lust prayers have been answered... Nokia will be announcing an upgrade to the 6800 (above) that will include Bluetooth and a camera. It also looks like an updated UI, Series 45? via AreaMobile (with pictures)
Nokia just announced a gaming device co-developed with Sega. N-Gage