Premiere: Asbjørn's BOY PWR
Anyone who grew up in the LGBTQ+ community before the prevalence of the internet was aware of an acute lack of visible, diverse role models. Thanks to pop culture, the wealth of resources provided by social media and more, this has begun to change...
Ghostly + Brandnewnoise's Phone-Home Xylophone
Ghostly and Brandnewnoise have teamed up once again and (just like their previous collaborations) the delightful new product appeals to children, beginners and seasoned musicians alike. The eight-key handheld Phone-Home Xylophone (released today...
Brad Walsh's "Six Infinite" Album
How often does one press play on a new album and feel as if they're hearing something that defies the genres they've known thus far? It's an uncommon experience—and one that very well might happen upon first listen of Brad Walsh's Six Infinite...
Photographer Andy Summers' "The Bones of Chuang Tzu"
China keeps calling to Andy Summers, and when he travels there he has his trusty Leica M Monochrome at the ready to capture his outsider views of a culture he finds deep and sophisticated. “It's just like music. My own poetic vision of China...
Interview: Drummer Mike Calabrese of Lake Street Dive
Wearing his signature bandana headband, Lake Street Dive’s drummer Mike Calabrese keeps the beat and the energy going on stage at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. The sold-out crowd is more than game to sing along with the band. Moments later, they...
Interview: Cinematic Folk Musician Ben Abraham
The title singer/songwriter can mean a great deal to a world's worth of musical listeners. And while Ben Abraham fits under that catch-all, there's something about his music that places him elsewhere. Abraham has been referred to as a cinematic...
Playful Illustrated Maps From Heretic and Kingdom Collective
With the saturation of Google Maps, Apple Maps and apps like Citymapper, the visualization of physical spaces is no longer much of an artistic process. Instead, it’s usually just a question of pure functionality. This leaves the field wide open...
Interview: Danish DJs Den Sorte Skole
John Oswald, Girl Talk, DJ Shadow and even Pogo are recognizable artists who made their name creating new music exclusively from samples. Copenhagen-based collective Den Sorte Skole distinguishes themselves not just because of their numbers—their latest...
WAH-WAH Australia's Unconventional Knitwear
As the season of the "ugly sweater" approaches, the marijuana-themes and Tumblr-esque designs abound, but one label—WAH-WAH Australia—has taken a different (albeit still delightfully gaudy) approach. Helmed by Kaylene Milner, WAH-WAH creates unconventional...
What We're Reading: Music Books
After you've listened to album after album on Spotify, recovered from a weeknight concert, bombasted by music at the local bar, it's sometimes nice to let the ears rest. There's still another way to get your music fix, however—in the form of bound...
Yours Truly
Lately, music journalism feels like it's been replaced by a cycle of press release paraphrasing, tracklist postings and lifestyle commentary, with the occasional interview peppered in between. The same background information, recycled adjectives and...
Kathleen Supové
Photos of flaming grand pianos and vintage uprights smashed to smithereens. YouTube clips of Liberace sledgehammering his ivories on “The Monkees” variety hour. Kathleen Supové gets a kick out of all of it, and thanks you very much, friends and...
Interview: Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian
Glaswegian indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian is something of a rare breed in today's music landscape. The revolving cast of musicians—with frontman Stuart Murdoch and a handful of foundational members remaining constant—has released nine studio...
Who's That Girl (Prince's Female Protégés)
Prince's history with women stops just short of his own musical legacy. Throughout the years of his reign, The Purple One has collaborated with an impressive list of female vocalists, dancers, writers and musicians. This week, NTS Radio host Leyla...
Joe Cocker: With A Little Help From My Friends (Live at Woodstock)
The world lost one its most distinct voices today with the passing of Joe Cocker. The 70-year-old Sheffield, England native was known for his raspy, bluesy style. His breakthrough came with a cover of The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends...
Interview: OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder
A highlight of our trip to Paris for the Mondial de l'Auto was sitting down with OneRepublic's frontman—and singer, songwriter and producer for many other celebrated acts—Ryan Tedder at Molitor, the chic reborn swimming club and hotel. We spoke...
Christopher Willits: OPENING
We've come to expect Ghostly International to push boundaries. The independent label excels in everything from product design to lo-fi house records, and their roster of artists is deft in crossing creative lines. San Francisco-based multimedia artist...
Nightmare and the Cat + Gary Baseman
When artist Gary Baseman was asked to collaborate on the album cover art for the band Nightmare and the Cat, he did more than art direct the band’s photo shoot, captured within his interactive museum exhibition "The Door is Always Open" at the Skirball...
Sir Elton John Woodside Garden Candle
This candle is about as close as most will ever come to taking a sniff inside Sir Elton John's Woodside gardens. The floral fragrance was inspired by the botanical arrangements kept in his gardens in Old Windsor, England. The scent is lush and sophisticated...
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