Street Artist Buff Monster's Air-Ink Mural and Gallery Show
It seems almost impossible: ink and paint made from recycled air pollution. In fact, it's a reality known as Air-Ink, invented by Anirudh Sharma, the co-founder of innovation hub Graviky Labs. Their technology processes up to 95% of air captured...
Kristen Liu Wong + Luke Pelletier's "Hanging Out" at Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn
LA-based artists Luke Pelletier and Kristen Liu Wong have shown artwork together before, but never quite like what they're doing at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Superchief Gallery. Their pieces do not simply hang beside one another on the black walls of...
Juban Carries on the Mural of Izakaya Ten
While izakayas—or Japanese pubs that serve snacks to accompany beer, sake and shōchū—are plentiful in Japan, they're a rare find outside the country. For a long time, Izakaya Ten was the NYC go-to for authentic but approachable Japanese bar experience...
Public Art in Tulum
Over the past few years, Tulum has become the go-to destination for a relaxing but unique beach vacation. While the sleepy town is just two hours south of the high-rise and fast-food-laden strip of beach known as Cancun, it's a world away. As the cozy...
"And Tomorrow" Exhibition at City Bird Gallery
The meeting of illustrator Ian Bertram and stencil artist Mor is nothing if not cosmic. First encountering each other as members of Con Artist collective, the two artists have become entangled in each other's techniques, despite their wholly different...
Geometric Portraits by Allison Kunath
by Chérmelle D. Edwards Allison Kunath, a Los Angeles-based visual artist and fashion designer, has developed a distinct style over the past few years, creating geometric portraits of people—such as famed figures like Maya Angelou and Frida Kahlo...
Robert Vargas Paints the Faces of Downtown LA
Large almond-shaped eyes peek out from the corner of 9th and Flower in downtown Los Angeles. The big, black and white painting—dotted with a glamorous beaded headpiece—watches over the busy intersection near FIDM. The painter Robert Vargas created...
Forest for the Trees NW
by Hunter Hess The brainchild of Portland, Oregon-based artist Gage Hamilton, public mural project Forest for the Trees recently brought together over a dozen artists from five countries to collaborate on large-scale murals going up in each corner...
Space, Interiors and Exteriors, 1972
At first glance, this art book looks out-of-date with its 1970s desaturated colors, as if salvaged from a garage sale. Co-published this year by PictureBox and art gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey to offer a glimpse into the hazy world of radical and...
Interview: Rone at Pow Wow Hawaii
by Vivianne Lapointe Last month we traveled to Honolulu to join the bursting community of artists that migrates there every February as part of Pow Wow Hawaii. The exciting event founded by Jasper Wong has turned into a month-long art festival with...
Judith Braun
by Nestor Bailly Picasso once said that all children are artists, and in that vein, New York artist Judith Braun keeps the youthful spirit alive, albeit with an adult's sophisticated edge. In her large-scale finger drawings she creates wall-sized...
Art and Eat
Step into a Wagamama restaurant and you expect friendly service served alongside contemporary Asian dishes. U.K. visitors to the chain will now get a taste of nine emerging English artists too. Working with Moniker Projects, the new program goes...
En Masse
En Masse, a Montreal-based art collective, has penned signature works in association with the Osheaga Festival of Arts and Music, Piknic electronik, Festival International Montréal en Art, Under Pressure, Manifesto (Toronto), Cirque du Soleil...
Hurley x Dalek
With surfing at another high fashion moment (see the artful film our own Greg Mitnick recently shot for Proenza Schouler on the topic), Hurley's invitation to check out the U.S. Open of Surfing (of which the brand is the main sponsor) earlier this...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Peter Varga Concept Bicycles Beginning with a Master's Degree project in 2007, Slovakian designer Peter Varga has continued each year to produce unconventionally intelligent bikes. Highlighted on Selectism, Varga's bikes have won several awards...
Virtual Street Corners
In an effort to bridge gaps between two neighborhoods of Boston, digital media artist John Ewing created the public art project Virtual Street Corners. The project, set to unveil June 2010, uses live video feeds between Boston locales Brookline and...
Stephane Manel's Dwyane Wade Mural
Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade's new signature shoe for Converse hits stores today and for a launch party last week in New York, French artist Stephane Manel created this 12' x 36' mural. As Manel says, the piece "translate[s] Wade...
Elisheva Biernoff and Jen Smith founded Decoradar to make art an integral part of the home. They create custom murals for their clients that are responsive to both the space and the client. Check out their portfolio for some fun examples.