Cry Wolf by Lisa Solberg
LA-based Lisa Solberg paints with bold colorful strokes that convey elements of mystery that evoke an otherworldly spirituality. Her large-scale works reveal passion and intensity through layers upon layers of paint. After the success of her fishbowl...
IOOI Hookah
With a simple, ultra-modern presentation, designer Christian Zanzotti has vibrantly reimagined what we know to be a waterpipe. His IOOI modern hookah incorporates 3D printed parts, anodized aluminum, glass and polished brass flourishes, forming...
Cool Hunting Video: Wolfgang Egger and Audi's Quattro Concept
Recently, Audi invited CH to Ingolstadt, Germany, for a behind-the-scenes look at their extraordinarily advanced production facility. Additionally, we spent some time in Munich, where we were able to roam around Audi's highly protected design studio...
Peter Halley Studio Visit
Earlier this month, one of New York CIty's native artists, Peter Halley, invited some members of the press into his studio for a preview of his new works. For over 25 years Halley has painted his "prisons" and "cells," reflecting the "increasing...
Welcome Home BMW Art Cars
Honoring the 35th anniversary of the project, an exhibit at the BMW Museum in Munich brings together the complete set of 17 BMW Art Cars (with the exception of Olafur Eliasson's ice sculpture) for the first time. Seeing them in one place makes...
Objects and Projects
When Munich's Die Neue Sammlung museum asked Alessi to plot the future of design, the Italian design lab, along with curator Alessandro Mendini, realized that their future lies in the simplicity of the past. The resulting exhibit, "Objects and Projects...
BMW Kinetic Sculpture
One particularly stunning highlight from the 125 exhibits packed into the newly-renovated BMW Welt in Munich is a mechatronic installation by ART+COM, the Berlin-based interactive media company. The project uses 714 metal balls that are individually...
Richard Caldicott
In his earlier work, Richard Caldicott used Tupperware containers as the subject for his photographs, elevating these common household objects to objects of beauty. Piling vibrantly colored plastic cups and bowls, he created abstract formations...
Ryan McGinness in Europe
Master of silhouetted graphics (and perhaps the hardest working man in the art world) Ryan McGinness currently has a series of three solo shows called “NEVERODDOREVEN,” which are taking place across Western Europe...