Sundance 2017: Designing Stella Artois's Filmmaker Lounge
As Sundance Film Festival attendees walk Main Street in Park City, Utah, familiar brands to the entertainment industry—YouTube, The Hollywood Reporter, WME | IMG and more—reside in temporary homes between quaint homeware stores and snow sport shops...
On the occasion of Milan's ongoing Design Week, Bisazza pays homage to Alessandro Mendini with an exhibition at La Triennale di Milano. In celebration of more than twenty years of collaboration between the Italian mosaic tile company and the design...
Bisazza Crystal Collection
Established a half-century ago in Northern Italy's Alte Vicenza region, Bisazza is one of the world's most innovative producers of glass mosaics both in terms of technical solutions and style. Their recently launched The Crystal Collection blurs...
Brad Teasdale Mosaics
Brooklyn-based artist, Brad Teasdale, blends contemporary concrete and glass design with classical mosaic craftsmanship. Teasdale's aesthetic stems from a juxtaposition of the materials themselves. He combines glass, concrete, wood, and steel...
Squares, Checks and Grids
"Squares, Checks and Grids," the newest title in the Communicating with Pattern series from Rotovision, is an homage to the most linear of shapes. Serving as a sourcebook for designers, the book features 850 inspirational images of squares...
Liberty Tiles
Trend USA's new collection called Liberty, designed by the skilled Italian mosaic artist Giulio Candussio, is a modern update to the ancient artform perfected by Greek and Roman artists thousands of years ago. The way the hand-cut glass tiles...
Bisazza: Contemporary Mosaics
Founded in 1956, Italian mosaic company Bissaza is a relatively young venture that has grown into a venerable business largely responsible for re-introducing lavish tile creations to interior design. In just over 50 years Bisazza has helped transform...
Denim Hokusai
Hokusai's famous wave, already re-imagined by Kozyndan as a tide of bunnies, got a new medium when Levi's exec and surfer Caroline Calvin handcrafted a 22 foot by 12 foot jeans mosaic that depicts a detail of the "The Great Wave."...
sixspace in LA June 11th-July 9th. via Boing Boing
Invader Deck
We've covered the French 80's gamer artists-fetishist Invader a couple times here before. It started with his mosaics installed around all the major global cities. Then he did sneakers, with Space Invader characters in the sole. Then a book...
More Invader
Remember the Space Invader sneakers? ‘Guy runs around the biggest cities in the world putting up his Space Invader mosaics-- He got so into it he even created intricate maps for each cities invasion. Well, someone was such a big fan of the...
Space Invaders
It's hard to find anyone who hasn't ever played and appreciated the game Space Invaders before. Some kooky French guy loved the game so much he started spreading his fascination by finding ways to invade the world, city by city, with the...
Lego Mosaic
Lego Mosaics are the least promoted and most exciting Lego product out there. You can upload a picture to their Web site and Lego will send you all the pieces you need to make your own mosaic. They are only $30 each, and make a fun and creative...