Philodendron Plant Mobile
Made from 100% brass, this gorgeous Philodendron leaf mobile is one plant you will never kill. Since the material will develop a patina as it ages, it can be hung somewhere warm and dry to slow the process—or the opposite to hasten it. Crafted in Portland...
Mesh Mobile Ashtray
Help keep the earth nice and tidy with a mobile mesh ashtray from esteemed Tokyo brand Tsubota Pearl. Drop your roaches or butts in the lined pouch when puffing on the go.
Balloon 3 Mobile
Adding whimsy to any room, designer Christian Flensted’s "Balloon 3" mobile takes inspiration from the vibrant Montgolfieres of the 18th century and the modern hot air balloons of today. Constructed from cardboard, the colorful cut-outs enchant little...
Capturing Alaska on a Cellphone
Home to seven out of 10 of the largest national parks in the United States (and the federal government happens to be the largest landowner in the state), Alaska is, without a doubt, one of the most unique places in the country. There's more to The...
"Flashcrash Unlimited" at the Widget Art Gallery
The Widget Art Gallery (WAG) was created in 2009 by Rome-based new media artist Chiara Passa as a space to show art without any logistical restrictions: any time, anywhere, and for free. All you need to enter the virtual room is a mobile device and...
CH + AmDC: Expedition Mobile
Minnesota-born, New Jersey-based artist Brian Farrell applies his illustrations to a range of home accessories, like this hand-painted and silk-screened mobile influenced by nature, survival and adventure, in a color created specially for Cool Hunting...
Intel Pocket Avatars Make You a Cartoon
Intel Pocket Avatars is a new app just released on iOS and Android that might be more cutesy than our usual interest, but the technology behind it is very impressive. In short, the app lets you record messages in real time to a cartoon avatar that...
Pig&Rig's Portable Party
One of the best summer activities is the backyard party—playing music until it echoes down the street, the smell of meat and veggies smoking on the grill, refreshing drinks and merrymaking until the sun goes down. Offering all this in single package...
Helio Pressure Shower
For those who value excursions into nature as much as they do personal hygiene, the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is the gadget of choice. Engineers blended the ease and packability of a traditional basic gravity shower with a foot-pump, which lends a...
Rhino Rig
As filmmaking becomes more accessible, the need for equally accessible and mobile professional quality equipment is evident. While there are shooting systems available, few seem as comprehensive and innovative as the Rhino Rig, a modular system...
MUJI Splash-Proof Smartphone Speaker
Japanese design powerhouse MUJI has released a new water-resistant speaker for your smartphone. Though this is an entirely new design, MUJI is far from a newcomer to the world of practical audio equipment. Back in 2000, Naoto Fukasawa designed the...
Linha Combine Portable Table Set
Brazilian design company Bold announced this week Linha Combine, an all-in-one set for transporting family-style meals. During the presentation at Rio+Design, we were struck by the combination of sharp design, eco-consciousness and material innovation...
Interview: Kate Endress of DITTO
As more and more consumers turn to the web as their primary retail space, the necessity to move away from a simple "buy now" button to a more comprehensive interactive marketplace is growing. Trying things on for size in a virtual world is not a...
Vimeo Enhancer
Our friends at Vimeo announced their latest new feature today, Enhancer. This full-bodied, browser-based tool gives users the ability to visually augment their videos right on the Vimeo site. The Enhancer is powered by Vivoom, which uses the same...
Announced today, the new HTC One is one of the most exciting releases in recent memory from the Taiwanese manufacturer. At first glance, the flagship phone features an understated, yet premium form with its 4.7" edge-to-edge HD display set seamlessly...
Mobile Student Supplies
As design students head to school, they'd be wise to equip themselves with on-the-go supplies that embody the functional beauty of the larger concepts of the field. These five objects take creative scholars or simply those with an eye for good design...

 LuxeFinds, the online luxury shopping engine for women, has produced a mobile shopping app that searches the web for lifestyle goods based on color. By taking a picture of an article of clothing or selecting a color from a color wheel, shoppers...
Future Watches from CES
As nostalgic as we are for horology, the developments in wearable digital media platforms are introducing some thrilling competition. Down at CES, tech heads were treated to a selection of accessories with intelligent interfaces, understandably weighted...
Gifts for Good
Since this is the season for giving, we have selected various items from our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide that benefit communities and charitable organizations around the world. Particularly pleasing for the folks that have everything and want to share...
Frieze Glass Works
Now in its ninth year, the Frieze Art Fair has grown to encompass nearly 1,000 artists and 173 galleries from more than 33 countries under one hangar-like tent. Though organizers have been accused of creating an over-commercialized art supermarket...
BMW Guggenheim Lab
Consistent with BMW's longstanding cultural initiatives, this week launched the New York leg of BMW Guggenheim Lab, an exploration of issues regarding contemporary urban life. The six-year worldwide tour will reach nine cities to encourage international...
Pelican 1075 HardBack
As faster, prettier, more delicate gadgets arrive everyday, the impulse to protect them has become almost obsessive. Innumerable designs, styles, functions and colors of cases for all kinds of devices sell everywhere from street corners to gas stations...
Seagate GoFlex Satellite
Launching today, the new GoFlex Satellite wireless hard drive from Seagate enables users to wirelessly stream movies, music, photos, and documents directly to their mobile device or computer. While the drive comes with a companion app, it also works...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Mini Camper Trailer English firm Environmental Transport Association invented this fabulous little camper that hooks up to Jazzys or other personal electric scooters. The cozy cabin has room for a nap, proper British tea and even a flatscreen...
Kiener Toys
Kathrin Kiener practically grew up in her uncle's timber yard, sweeping floors and in the process falling in love with all things wood—so much so that she founded Kiener Toys. Today, the 30-year-strong Swiss company handcrafts clever wooden...
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