Favorite Cocktails for Summer Sipping
Summer is the season of day drinking, whether you're stuck in a hot city in the northern hemisphere, taking a weekend at the beach, or escaping the cold in the south and heading to a tropical oasis. On a hot day (or night) there's nothing quite as...
Four Creyente Mezcal Cocktail Recipes from Cosme
It's safe to say that the popularity of mezcal owes a lot to the bartenders who began to use the agave spirit in signature cocktail creations early on. It make sense, then, that for the US debut of newcomer Creyente Mezcal they would seek out a destination...
Viejo Indecente Smokeless Mezcal
You may ask yourself, can a product call itself mezcal if it doesn't contain that signature smokiness? To a certain degree, a question like this harkens back to some people's perception of scotch—where only the peated, smokey iterations are familiar...
A Raicilla Worth Drinking
There's nothing new about raicilla as a product category. The agave spirit has long maintained a cult following in Mexico, for locals and visitors alike. Of late, it's also been coveted by bartenders with an eye for hard-to-get spirits. The only...
Learning the Anatomy of Mezcal with Montelobos
There was once a time when all agave-distilled spirits were called mezcal. Tequila was simply a regionally specific iteration. As much for preservation as it was for marketing purposes, laws were put into place that ultimately made tequila and...
Brahms & Liszt, London
For ages, the semi-secret, word-of-mouth Quiquiriqui Mezcal and 184 Hackney Road/Mezcaleria Quiquiriqui bars on East London’s Hackney Road were underground favorites for London’s liquor connoisseurs. Now the woman behind the mezcal-loving venues...
Mezcal is often overshadowed by its agave sibling, tequila—but not at Mayahuel. This East Village first opened its unobtrusive, speakeasy-esque doors in 2009 and their selection of over 40 different mescals (and even more tequilas)to sip neat or in...
Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble
Back in March 2013, musicians and non-musicians alike gathered at London retail concept space LN-CC for a multi-sensory experience like no other. Thomas Bullock—a DJ and record producer with decades of street cred who fell in love with mezcal later...
LN-CC Additions
by Sabine Zetteler It's Fashion Week in London, and the city is abuzz with gossip, martinis and forward-thinking style. Frankly, we're exhausted—and to seek a little solace we've headed back east to LN-CC, the place where even the most po...