Wuu Reminds Us That Sharing Love is Better Than Getting Likes
Though just released in the App Store, Wuu has been in a high-demand, closed beta for months. Invited users could invite their friends and that pass along quickly pushed the app to the 2,000 person limit imposed on pre-release iOS apps. This is great...
Earthmate PN-60w
Projected to hit stores this summer, the DeLorme's Earthmate PN-60w combines GPS mapping technology with satellite messaging for the utmost in convenience and reliability. Using DeLorme's Spot technology, the Earthmate delivers messages via email...
The Official Be Stupid Philosophy
You may have noticed the Diesel ads recently running on CH (not to mention plastered all over NYC), and while we've heard no shortage of criticism from the haters out there, we think the "Be Stupid" campaign actually pretty brilliantly nails a particular...
Capsule Letters
What better way to surprise that significant other than with a message secreted away in a coat pocket or under a pillow to be discovered later? These small plastic vials are a sort of a "message in a bottle" to break all kinds of news...
RNC Text Alerts
CNN picked up this AP story about how people are using Upoc text messaging to get updates on the RNC protests. Organized by Ruckus , the alerts have, by far, been the fastest way to find out about demonstrations and the police confrontations...
Fluidtime is another project from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. The goal of Fluidtime is to use text messaging for negotiating the use of shared resources. For the Ivrea students, this means getting to class on time and keeping their clothes...
Upoc's New BREW Application
Upoc is now available on Verizon's Get It Now! BREW service. You can download the application to have a full featured interface to all the Upoc messaging services. What's Upoc? It's an easy-to-use wireless service connecting you to your...
Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert have launched Dodgeball 3.0, a location based mobile messaging solution for New Yorkers. Dodgeball has three core features: Guide, Circles, and Scout. Guide is just for finding and rating places, Circles and Scout are...
Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Tim Redfern have created SimpleTEXT , a cool installation / performance piece that uses text messages from the audience to create an audio-visual performance. From their site: SimpleTEXT is a collaborative audio/visual public...
Lingo Phone
Another really useful SMS application, Lingo Phone offers language translation services. via Emily at
The Hello World Project
The Helloworld Project is a global interactive text installation combining language, landscapes and communication technology to create a visual dialogue. From December 9-12, 2003, people from all over the world will be invited to send in messages...
SMS Search -MojoKnows
MOJOKNOWS is an SMS based question and answer site. They claim to be the Google of SMS. You send them a question, they send you an answer and pay per question. When you ask a question, the number of question marks you put at the end determine the...
Amodal Suspension
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's interactive installation, Amodal Suspension, will be presented by the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) from 1 - 24 November 2003. Short text messages sent by people over the Internet or by cell phone will be converted...