Mc Laren

The Meteoric Rise of McLaren Automotive
by Jason Harper These days, new car companies rarely succeed. For every Tesla, there are 10 would-be companies that never get beyond an initial press release. Five years ago, we test drove the first model from a brand new car manufacturer, McLaren...
The Automotive Retrofuture
The Geneva Motor Show stands out from the other car shows in the circuit for its high concentration of super cars, specialty coach builders and generally esoteric automotive presentations. It’s for this reason that we love the show and also consider...
Test Drive: 2016 McLaren 570GT
by Michael Frank GT in theory stands for grand tourer—or “gran turismo,” if you prefer the Italian translation. McLaren, though, races in Formula 1 so their version still loosely translates as "Go Time." Driving the $198,950 570GT ahead of the Goodwood...
Notes: Driving a McLaren 675LT around LA
by Justin Kaehler It’s challenging to write about something like the McLaren 675LT. It’s a machine whose speed begs to be described—a hard-core track car boasting 666 horsepower, a 2.9-second 0-60 time, and a top speed of 205 miles per hour. However...
Test Drive: McLaren 650S Spider
by Michael Frank There is a moment while I’m driving the $285,000, 642-horsepower McLaren 650S Spider that physically hurts. The car is hurtling fluidly around a corner with so much tenacity and grip that I can feel the g-forces bending against...
Interview: McLaren Automotive Chief Designer Robert Melville
by Michael Frank McLaren is a race car company that has slowly morphed into making cars for consumers. The present-day voices behind the iconic British brand might shed a softer light on this transition, but like Ferrari before it, the driving force...
Mondial de l'Automobile 2012: Concept Cars
The 2012 Paris Motor Show featured several auto makers flexing their design muscles on both production and concept vehicles. Here are our seven favorite models representing the best of imaginative European design. Peugeot Onyx A true concept car...