Shinola Watch Dial Factory Visit
The resurgence in stateside manufacturing is largely thanks to more educated and passionate consumers. Where a product's merit was once simply its final form, there is an ever-growing demand for products with a story that embody considered design...
CHV: Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Facility
In the second video in our series from Kawasaki's plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, we visit the company's railcar facility. While the brand is traditionally associated with the power-sports industry, they actually manufacture an enormous array of products...
Maserati Centennial Gathering
Often times, the stories behind companies are something worth knowing, in particular when they talk about passion, intuition, genius, downfalls, and comebacks—and especially when each step is is punctuated with victories. Maserati was born in 1914...
Cool Hunting Video: Red Wing Shoes
Red Wing Heritage kindly brought us out to Red Wing, Minnesota to see the mecca of handcrafted workwear: the Red Wing Shoes factory. The bustling place is an endless expanse of leather, sewing machines, stitching and hot wax thread and has been...
Cool Hunting Video: Shinola Leather Factory
During a trip to Detroit's Shinola headquarters, we got a first-hand look at its recently opened leather factory and design studio—another step in their continued quest to revive American manufacturing. The brand has commenced operations with the...
ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials
Fashion expert Sass Brown's book shows the future of sustainable fashion—ethical and experimental, without losing its focus on aesthetics. ReFashioned features 46 international designers which demonstrate a solid reality that is shaping creativity...
Private White V.C. + Goodwood Revival
Advertorial content: A cloudy sky and sporadic bursts of rain couldn't quell the festive mood at this year's Goodwood Revival, England's annual celebration of classic cars taking place each September at the historic Goodwood Circuit in Sussex. Since...
Best of CH 2012: Cool Hunting Video
With the holidays upon us it's once again that time of year when we look back at Cool Hunting Video content in 2012. This year was a real gem with some fantastic pieces ranging from the world's largest carnivorous plant nursery to the wacky International...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Comme il Faut
While in Buenos Aires we stumbled across a curious manufacturing operation nestled in an alley and realized it was a unique opportunity for CH Video. Alicia Muñiz, the founder and designer of Comme il Faut, has been dancing tango most of her...
Making It
While specifically targeting industrial designers, Making It: Manufacturing Techniques In Product Design makes a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about the production processes of nearly anything. Originally released in 2007, this...
Red Wing Shoes Repair Service
American made since 1905, Red Wing Shoe Company in Red Wing, Minnesota, has earned a worldwide following for their sturdy, durable boots built to last a lifetime. Not only do they make top notch (and increasingly fashionable) footwear, Red Wing...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Bentley
During a recent trip to England we were invited to tour Bentley's factory in Crewe and had the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how these luxury powerhouses are put together from start to finish. The hands-on plant offered a wildly different...
One of the design leaders in the movement to erase boundaries between digital and physical worlds, John Kestner's company Supermechanical recently brought its first product to market. Kestner, a MIT Media Lab alumni who we first profiled for his...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Making the Evoque
When Range Rover asked me to be a City Shaper and help tell the world about their all-new Evoque one of my first requests was to meet the car's designers and visit the factory where they're being built. Exploring the role of design at Range Rover...
2012 VW Passat
Introducing a new streamlined body while lowering the price, the 2012 Volkswagen Passat sleekly updates previous models. The big advancement being that it's now made stateside at the German automaker's new sustainably-minded factory in Chattanooga...
Portland Garment Factory
Just because a designer is local—whether in Austin, TX or Florence, Italy—doesn't necessarily mean the garments were made there—or even in the same country. Thanks to fast fashion, there's now a better-than-likely chance that even...
A Visit to The Macallan
One of the great pleasures of creating content for Cool Hunting is searching out interesting stories to tell. Sometimes we're lucky enough to be given access to the people who make all kinds of wonderful things and the seldom-seen aspects of how they...
Fair Wear Foundation
Thanks to our tech-enabled world, the idea of global transparency is more of a reality now than ever. But in an industry as large as fashion, it's still difficult still to know the conditions of many production facilities. That's where the labor...