Maharishi Tactical
Pairing an expert in military style with specialists in combat-level functionality, Palladium's cobranded boot with London-based fashion label Maharishi is one to keep in mind this fall. The Maharishi Tactical, inspired by "special forces and survival...
Maharishi Bonsai Championship Backgammon Set
For long train rides or rainy days, Maharishi's new Backgammon set adds a little style to the classic antidote to boredom—and continues Maharishi's mission to liberate the pattern from military associations at the same time...
dpmhi Skateboards
The much-hyped new mhi skateboard decks have arrived at dpmhi in time for late summer fun. From the Autumn '06 mhi collection, the "C.R.E.A.M." deck appropriately features a pattern made from Canadian bills and the "mhi de lys"...
Neckface at dpmhi
Dopefiend has some great visuals of the Neck Face Exhibition at dpmhi, in London. It looked like an awesome event, crazy colors, murals, embroidered camouflage canvases-- and even a candlelit room in the basement of dpmhi decorated by neckface himself...
Neckface Exhibit at dpmhi in London
Earlier this month, Spear wrote about the new book of work from Neckface dpmhi from 13 May to 10 June. The show consists of original Neck Face paintings and drawings shown alongside collaborative work with Maharishi including a series of embroidered...
Maharishi Day Shoe
More excitement from Maharishi-- this time in the form of footwear. Their Day Shoe, new for Spring / Summer 05, is a simple canvas kick that features the Maharishi house camo pattern, Bonsai Forest. It's available in yellow, leaf green and woodland...
Nike Terminator DPM
If I ever had to pick a sneaker that most closely resembled my web site, I think this would be it. Who better than Maharishi to bring this orange, white and light gray camo masterpiece to a Nike Terminator? Released in compliment to their new camouflage...
Disruptive Pattern Material
Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) is a brand new publication from Maharishi. Creative Director Hardy Blechman has spent the last 6 years researching the world of camouflage and applying his findings to Maharishi product. DPM is a compilation of that...