Design Ingenuity from New Zealand: Alchemy Equipment
The concept of alchemy likely conjures images of robe-wearing bearded outcasts toiling away in a cluttered workshop over illuminati-esque texts as they attempt (fruitlessly) to transfigure the everyday into the extraordinary. Building on the alchemic...
Chief Trunk's Historic Luggage
All great successes have an element of providence—for the Oshkosh Trunk Company, it came in the form of a surplus of deadstock canvas. In the 1800s, an unnamed American mill had been churning out red-and-yellow striped canvas for use by Spanish...
d'emploi Holiday 2014 Collection
As we've seen in the past, waxed cotton is the material of choice for Brooklyn's d'emploi. Thankfully, that preference continues in their latest drop, geared toward holiday travel and defending against wet fall and early winter weather. Building...
The Patchwork Backpack by Sketchbook
Sketchbook Crafts' range of backpacks, totes and wallets are all handmade with care by Amber Jensen and the materials used are sourced locally or American-made when possible—and while all the homegrown qualities are appealing, they don't overshadow...
Travelteq Introduces the Moro Collection
There are some definite must-have attributes to travel bags and laptop bags: proper weight distribution, functionality, durability—and ideally beauty. With Travelteq's newly released line, the Soft Moro, there's all that and more. The two bags in...
Micro Luggage Scale
You probably won't fully appreciate receiving the Travelon Micro Luggage Scale until you're scrambling for your flight, and the handy little tool allows you to rearrange some layers before getting stuck with previously unpredictable baggage fees. You...
Durable, Modular Bags from Unit Portables
Unit Portables makes bags for those truly looking for form and function, and the latest range from the Stockholm collective—unveiled today, 22 September—does not disappoint in either area. With sleek lines and an almost military aesthetic, the new...
Welcomecompanions Wagons
by Chantel Tattoli Throughout human history, people have schlepped. With baskets, trunks, carpet bags, and fanny-packs loaded, to and fro we’ve gone. Because of this, Californian atelier Welcomecompanions considered “the timeless need to carry...
State of Folly Three-Way Bag
Carrying a clutch looks great, but once you need to use both your hands—whether for holding snacks, riding a bike or throwing shapes on the dance floor—the accessory can be a hinderance. Enter the State of Folly three-way bag, which transforms...
Aimé Leon Dore + Frank Clegg Travel Pack
July has been a solid month for NYC-based menswear label Aimé Leon Dore. Early on, the brand released their sophomore collection to great admiration, and just this past week they followed up with a two-part collaboration bag collection with American...
Purpose-Built Bags From Bravo Co.
It seems a bag company crops almost weekly, and though each label might bring something new to the table, highly considered design elements tailored for specific uses are rare. For the greater skate community, function and value weigh equally, which...
YKRA Backpacks
by Anya Lawrence With Central Europe's creative scene rapidly evolving, Budapest-based backpack maker YKRA is one of the most exciting emerging Hungarian brands out there. Set up by creative all-rounder Balázs Lakatos in 2012, the brand's colorful...
Leather Luggage Tag
Created by two transcontinental friends who spent ten years mastering the fine art of printing onto leather, this calfskin luggage tag with wicker pattern perfectly complements your favorite suitcase and will truly make it your own.
DSPTCH Heavy Duty Travel Accessories
Based in the cultural hub of San Francisco, DSPTCH designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty bags, camera straps and other lifestyle accessories that are meant to take a beating. Building on their collection of MacBook and iPad cases for...
A Permanent Vacation + Valentich Backpacks
Launched this week, the e-commerce site A Permanent Vacation introduced their debut product—a sleek, backpack collaboration with Valentich Bags (now going by the name Campfire) of Ridgeway, Colorado. Made by hand in the States, the rectangular canvas...
The Military Duffel by Whipping Post
Building on the success of their previous vintage-inspired leather messenger bag, leather goods producer Whipping Post's latest offering is a rough-and-tumble duffel. Originally from Georgia and now NYC-based, founder Ryan Barr (who started making...
Off Piste: A Ride Across America, Part 1 of 5
Earlier this fall we hit the road to see our great nation from a less common vantage point—the seat of a motorcycle. With a couple of friends in tow, we loaded up three new 2013 bikes with little more than essential camping gear and a few sacks of...
Octovo Leather Goods
From custom-made vegetable re-tanned Italian leather, OCTOVO has created a refined line of travel accessories—encompassing wallets, cases and bags. While each item is composed of lasting, quality materials, Octovo also embraces the idea that as you...
Chrome Cardiel ORP by T19
When Chrome introduced the the Cardiel bag collection—designed by skateboarding legend, and now fixed-gear savant John Cardiel—early this past winter CH took notice. And so did everyone else. Now that the buzz has quieted, Chrome collaborated...
Manfrotto Befree Tripod
No longer does traveling fast and light also have to mean leaving your camera gear behind. Case in point: the Befree Tripod from Manfrotto. Weighing just over three pounds and standing under 16 inches when folded, we found the portable tripod to...
Unit Portables + Ucon Arko Bag
The makers of highly functional, modular bags for everyday use and extended travel, Stockholm's Unit Portables are celebrating their their second year of superlative bag design by teaming up with Berlin-based clothing brand Ucon to recreate their...
Alite Designs Squirrel Pack
Operating under the belief that getting outside should be fun and easy rather than intimidating, San Francisco-based outdoors company Alite Designs foregoes expensive, specialized gear for woodsy pursuits in favor of the lightweight Squirrel Pack...
Chrome Niko Camera Bag
Since 1995 Chrome has been making sturdy, purposeful bags in San Francisco to feed the needs of the discerning cycling community. While their product line has grown the brand keeps its integrity intact by never compromising with materials nor construction...
Worn & Wound Watch Roll
Ideal for the jet-setting watch collector, NYC-based Worn & Wound's understated watch roll will surely keep your timepieces securely in one place. Measuring just 11" x 11" when laid flat and just under 6" x 3" rolled, the sturdy duck canvas and...
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