Instant Wide Victoria Peak Camera
Offering everything from a fully programmatic shutter (for beginners) to manual exposure settings (for those looking to get technical or exploratory), Lomography's new Lomo'Instant Wide Victoria Peak works in the hands of all photographers. The camera...
Lomography x Nixon: Analog Russia
In the northeast corner of Russia lies the Kamchatka Peninsula. As beautiful as it is barren, the remote and harsh landscape is sparsely populated and surely an acquired taste for the small but steady number of adventure-seekers that visit year-round...
Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner
Lomography always does a fantastic job breathing life back into the ever fading art of film photography. With the convenience and quality of digital cameras, analog film continues its decline but Lomography pushes hard to keep it alive by creating...
Travel Edition Cameras
Travel and photography go hand-in-hand so it makes sense that Lomography created Map Editions for the Diana, Diana Mini, Fish Eye No 2 and La Sardina. As if Lomographers didn't already have the cutest cameras around, these take the cake!
Interview: Laura Austin
by Vivianne Lapointe Photographer Laura Austin has many tricks up her sleeve. Based in San Clemente, California, she got her start as the online editor for Snowboarder Magazine, a gig that gave her the chance to travel and refine her craft in some...
Taking the next great leap in their photographic evolution, Lomography has launched their first-ever movie camera. The LomoKino, which dropped today, is a compact, crank-powered movie-making machine that maintains the aesthetic and quality expected...
Lomo LC-Wide
An exciting addition to their line of legendary analog cameras, today Lomography releases the Lomo LC-Wide. The continuation of the iconic LC-A+ line retains its classic aesthetic but adds greater functionality—specifically the ability to shoot...
Diana Instant Back+ Camera Accessory
As the Polaroid fades into the annals of photographic history, Fuji's Instax line is filling the instant film void. Available in a standard (108mm x 86mm) and mini (53mm x 86mm) size, the horizontally-oriented photos behave much the same as classic...
Lomographic Amigos Program
The premise behind the Lomographic Amigos program is simple. The Lomographic Society International equips selected photographers, musicians and other creative types with a Diana F+ camera and some film, asking them to shoot the film, which Lomo then...
Lomography Gallery Store
by Laura Neilson In January, the Lomographic Society opened its first NYC-based Lomography Gallery Store in Greenwich Village. Lomography fans, notorious for their fervent enthusiasm and camaraderie over this particular type of brand-based photography...
QuadCamera iPhone App
The fourth in the "ToyCamera" series of iPhone apps developed by Takayuki Fukatsu, QuadCamera uses the device's camera to create multiple images taken moments apart from each other. Similar to the normal iPhone camera, the user sees...
The Packrat Bag
No, this is not a politically incorrect Halloween costume. This is the mother of all hybrid tote/camera bags. The new Lomography Packrat holds all your creative needs (not to mention a few other things); it's even got enough space and durability...