Hubble's Inexpensive Contact Lenses
Anyone who's worn contact lenses knows: there isn't much choice out there—in terms of brands and, importantly, price. There's finally some form of rebellion in the industry, thanks to NYC-based start-up Hubble, which is merging the ordering and...
Notes: The Three Camera Kit
I started taking pictures with my father’s Nikon F when I was eight years old and not long after began developing film and making prints in the darkroom. Back then watching a photo come to life in a tray of developer was instantly gratifying—granted...
Notes: Prime, Fast and Wide
Prime and fast. As a photographer, these are the two most important words that describe the lenses I use. Prime, meaning one focal length—not a zoom lens. Fast, meaning a wide aperture to let in lots of light. Prime lenses not only deliver sharper...
Tens Filter Sunglasses
Thanks to the ever-expanding world of social media photography, many of us have become a little filter obsessed. The ability to enhance or modify everything we capture means easily morphing reality into the prettiest versions technology can envision...
iPhone Zoom Lens & Tripod
Your likes on Instagram are sure to go through the roof with just a moderate investment in these lightweight, easy-to-use lenses and tripod from Restoration Hardware. Polarized macro and fisheye lenses lend extreme zoom and wide-angle capability, and...
First Look: Samsung NX300 and 45mm 2D/3D Lens
We got a first look at the just-announced Samsung NX300 today, a high-end consumer camera that, when paired with Samsung's new 45mm f1.8 2D/3D lens, becomes the company's first 3D-capable mirrorless "smart" camera. Building on the success of the...
Leica M
This week at Photokina, Leica reminded us of their history and showed us their future. With more than half of their exhibit hall dedicated to a gallery show of iconic images created by renowned photographers using Leica cameras, visitors were immediately...