Living Under the Sun: Tropical Interiors and Architecture
Gestalten's stunning hardcover tome "Living Under The Sun: Tropical Interiors and Architecture" showcases beautifully designed and decorated houses that happen to be located in the middle of tropical wonderlands. Homes in Vietnam, India, Brazil and...
Studio Visit: Trail Map Artist James Niehues
If you’ve ever grabbed one of the colorful trail maps stocked in ski lodges, or affixed to the chairlift bar, there’s a good chance you’ve seen—and used—the work of landscape artist James Niehues. Niehues (who goes by Jim) is one of just a handful...
Mark Dorf's Alternate Landscapes
Whether behind a camera or behind a computer screen, Mark Dorf finds himself returning to the subject matter of landscapes—both the natural and the digitally construed. "I tend to travel a lot to find these remote areas that feel as though they’re...
Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age
In a new exhibition at London's Barbican art gallery, the enduring and fascinating relationship between photography and architecture is explored through the works of 18 photographers. The images on display show a wide variety of manmade landscapes...
Sebastião Salgado's Expansive Genesis Exhibition
Eight years ago, Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado set out to document the remaining unspoiled parts of our planet, wanting to draw attention to the ever-pressing issue of climate change and environmental degradation. No stranger to long-form...
Christopher Willits: OPENING
We've come to expect Ghostly International to push boundaries. The independent label excels in everything from product design to lo-fi house records, and their roster of artists is deft in crossing creative lines. San Francisco-based multimedia artist...
Lion's Head Mountain
Cape Town is surrounded by colossal mountains which provide a breathtaking backdrop no matter where you find yourself. While admiring them from afar is a great way to take in their beauty, we suggest you go for a hike. For an easier route, take the...
TheGoodLife! + Asymbol Collection
Ever-proud of their NYC roots, the creative community slash boutique agency that is TheGoodLife! knows well that without frequent adventures in the outdoors, life in the city wouldn't seem so sweet. To connect the two worlds and highlight the work...
California Pouch
Handmade in Jaffa, Israel, this zippered pouch is digitally printed on both sides with a mountainous landscape photo of California, taken by the artist herself. Whether you fill it up with art supplies or breath mints, it feels like you're tucking...
Brandt Nudes
This hardcover book of work by renowned photographer Bill Brandt explores the high contrast and distorted nude form in conjunction with built and natural landscapes.
Richard Gray's Bristol 411
If you'll remember from our 2010 visit with Bristol Cars' chairman and owner Toby Silverton at their sole dealership in Kensington, London, the rare hand-built cars are one of the more elusive, and certainly cherished automobiles on the road today...
With his wonderfully imaginative architectural "photomontages," artist Filip Dujardin addresses questions of what might have been and what's still to come. Pulling solely from his extensive archive of his own photographs of buildings, urban spaces...
Afton Love
Bay Area native Afton Love renders beeswax on her stove, preferring to make her own in her San Francisco-based studio. In addition to providing a sealant for Love's graphite paintings, the beeswax blurs her line work to make it look soft and organic...
The Fortieth Parallel
Massachusetts-based photographer Bruce Myren is a man with a camera, on a mission to capture the many faces of North America's 40th parallel. Stretching East to West from New Jersey to California and crossing 11 states in between, the 40th degree...
National Pavilions
"Common Ground"—the theme this year for Venice's Biennale Architettura 2012—covers all exhibition spaces from Giardini to Arsenale, as well as the vast range of venues spread out all over town. Fitting into this larger concept while presenting...
Time and Space on the Lower East Side
After graduating from The Cooper Union in 1980 Brian Rose began recording the cultural landscape of the Lower East Side along with fellow photographer Ed Fausty. The images were exhibited in a show called "Gargoyles and Cherubs" at the Henry Street...
Ian Ruhter
The 2012 Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review is the nation's largest photography review program for both commercial and fine art photographers, and it offers the rare opportunity for photographers to get their work in front of some of...
Scarlett Hooft Graafland
Dutch artist Scarlett Hooft Graafland chooses to produce work in remote locations where the inhabitants have been forced to adapt to the natural conditions rather than the other way around. For her it is not about being where only very few people...
Fictitious Topographies
Daniel Escobar will ring in 2012 with "Fictitious Topographies," his first solo exhibition in the United States. Inspired by the ubiquitous influence of the urban landscape, the Brazilian artist has decided to remake aspects of real cities into creative...
Landscape Futures
Promising "unexpected access to the invisible," what exactly the Nevada Museum of Art's current show Landscape Futures proposes isn't immediately clear. On first blush, the work looks like the usual collection of forward-thinking designs. But here...
Eric Tabuchi
Upon first glance Eric Tabuchi's photographs merely feature disgraceful gas stations lost in no man's land, Chinese restaurants in improbable settings and skate parks where dull gray tones consume the entire landscape. His subjects seem like superfluous...
Urban Shed International Design Competition
by Passa C Protecting pedestrians from both debris and the rain, NYC construction scaffolding is a major part of the urban landscape yet mostly considered an inconvenient eyesore. With nearly 6,000 sheds spanning more than 1 million linear feet throughout...
Land Carpet
For anyone who's ever been mesmerized looking out an airplane window at the patchwork patterns of fields below, the Land Carpet recreates the manmade beauty of the arial views on your floor. Designed by former architect Florian Pucher, the 100% New...
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