Rainbow Coin Purse
This cheerful coin purse is the right size for loose change and various trinkets and tchotchkes, and the bright rainbow is sure to provoke a smile—no matter how low your funds inside are. With a tip of the hat to the LGBTQ+ community, this embroidered...
"How Dare You Assume I'm Straight" Tank
Straight (or perhaps, directly) to the point, this unisex top is a collaboration between Otherwild and Herstory and is inspired by a tank worn by a participant in Gay Pride Day, NYC back in 1982. The rest of the collection includes a sweet Gay Power...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Digitize Physical Prints With Google's New PhotoScan App With Google's new PhotoScan app, one can digitize their physical photos at home using only the standard smartphone camera. It's not quite up to par with a scanner, but it's a substantial...
Bob Mizer's Two-Volume "AMG: 1000 Model Directory"
Taschen's forthcoming "Bob Mizer. AMG: 1000 Model Directory" two-volume tome is far more than a collection of over 1000 hunky, near-nude bodybuilders and celebrities. (Though, that's definitely part of the allure.) Within both volumes, one bears witness...
GRINDR + Print All Over Me Collaborative Menswear Line
For their first-ever full menswear line, social media service GRINDR has partnered with CH favorite pattern-printing platform Print All Over Me (PAOM). The 29-piece range, known as The Varsity Collection, features everything from windbreakers and swim...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Depressing News About Alcohol Bad news for wine enthusiasts and cocktail experts: alcohol has been directly linked to several types of cancer in a new study published in "Addiction." More than liver cancer (which, of course, most people already...
Tom of Finland XXL: New Edition
First published in 2009, a very comprehensive tome of Tom of Finland works, "Tom of Finland XXL" contained over 1000 images—covering around 60 years of the artist's work. The book is now available in a second edition (currently on pre-order) and features...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Artists and Designers React to Brexit With emotions running high across the Western world in reaction to the UK's decision to leave the EU, artists and designers have done what they do best: convey feelings through images. With responses ranging...
Oriented: Exploring LGBT Life in the Middle East
The LGBTQ community faces opposition on a global scale. For every law passed for equality in one nation, there are tragedies and setbacks in another (or even the same)—some fatal and others far more commonplace. With "Oriented," a feature documentary...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. A Colossal Structure Discovered Near Petra, Jordan A previously undocumented structure, hiding in plain sight next to the ruins of Petra, Jordan, has just been uncovered by archaeologists. Using a combination of Google Earth, satellite imagery...
Pride 2016 Style
If there's one universal truth (apart from the age-old adage about death and taxes) it's that respect and love will always be in style. While plenty of people take pride in who they are and support the LGBTQIA community in several ways, the most visible...
Mouthfeel: A Punk Foodie Zine
There are really two reasons to buy a publication: content and presentation. There's something about Mouthfeel, a brand new food zine, that delivers on both in a truly unique way. At its core, it's a large-format zine (10"x16", perfect-bound, with...
"There once was a little boy who was born like a girl. When he was little, he never thought about his gender; he was just a person," says a narrator over a video scrolling through photos of a child amid the sometimes turbulent transitions of growing...
Cowpokes Bed Sheets
Keep it hot under the covers with Vice Merchants' Cowpoke bed sheets. This modern take on toile features sexy scenes sure to inspire a few "Brokeback" moments.
What began as an innovative project for LGBT retirees seeking refuge from cookie-cutter approaches to conventional retirement has evolved into something much more ambitious. More than 100 acres in the Mojave Desert will soon be the site of a $250...
New Fest 2006
The 18th New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival, New Fest 2006, is in full swing. The line-up offers features, shorts, domentaries and filmmaker forums. I was looking at the web site and it looks like they have a lot of...