Test Drive: 2015 911 Porsche Carrera GTS
by Sue Mead “Hang on, I’m going to push the awesome button,” shouted our co-driver, above the hearty resonance of the 2015 Porsche Carrera GTS’s exhaust note. We were already motoring at a healthy speed through a sweeping corner, along the legendary...
Holiday Markets Around the World
by Laura Feinstein The winter season always seems to bring the reliable trappings of festive cheer: trees and wreathes, carols and bells, and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. But one tradition that we always look forward to most is the holiday...
Cool Hunting Video: Icon Derelict
A few years ago, we profiled the ICON 4X4 Bronco on a trip to Los Angeles. For our Rare Discoveries Series with The Macallan, we returned to Jonathan Ward's exceptional shop to explore the journey of one of his newer projects: the Derelict Series...
Temple Scarf
Stay warm with this stylish scarf, which features a design inspired by Sol Le Witt’s wall drawings and the pillars of the Ganesh Temple in Jaipur. Using non-toxic dyes and hand-carved wooden blocks, Block Shop handprints its designs onto each textile...
Sempli + Joseph Ribic Bottle Openers
Best known for its stemless, virtually floating Cupa glass series, LA-based design house Sempli has devoted itself to creating products that combine simplistic functionality with what Sempli founder Daniele Semeraro calls an "Italian style and elegance...
CLAE + LIFUL Capsule Collection
While Japan may garner more attention than its neighboring countries combined when it comes to fashion design, those in the know have been watching Korea in recent years. Why? Because of brands like LIFUL. The modern menswear brand makes clean...
JapanLA Merges The Simpsons + Hello Kitty
Let the clamoring begin, because it very well may be one of the cutest—and most surprising—combos in history. A year after Sanrio and Twentieth Century Fox announced the The Simpsons and Hello Kitty brand licensing opportunities in anticipation of...
Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty
As part of Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary celebration, the adorably cute character will be celebrated in numerous ways, including a birthday party, Hello Kitty Con and her first-ever museum retrospective at the Japanese American National Museum...
Chocolate Skateboards + DQM + Mast Brothers
Since its humble beginnings as a sister company to Mike Carroll and Rick Howard's Girl Skateboards, Chocolate has grown into one of the more influential brands in skateboarding's surrounding culture. Now 20 years later, with legends like Gino Iannucci...
Kehinde Wiley Paints "The World Stage: Haiti"
Kehinde Wiley searches the world to find models to paint. His travels have taken him to Israel, Lagos and Dakar, China, and Jamaica. More recently, he's traveled to six countries in Africa, where, in each destination, he stopped people on the streets...
Welcomecompanions Wagons
by Chantel Tattoli Throughout human history, people have schlepped. With baskets, trunks, carpet bags, and fanny-packs loaded, to and fro we’ve gone. Because of this, Californian atelier Welcomecompanions considered “the timeless need to carry...
Cool Hunting Video: Art of Cardistry
For the third video in our Lincoln Hello Again Series we traveled to Los Angeles, CA to spend a few days with Dan and Dave Buck, twin brothers with a shared passion for magic. Interested in illusion from a young age, the pair are not typical performers...
Publish Brand's Women's Jogger Pants
After making waves in the menswear community with the introduction of their elastic cuffed jogger pants some time ago, LA's Publish recently opened their aperture to include a women's version of the celebrated pants. The new women's joggers feature...
Almond Milk LA
Opening a chilled glass bottle of vibrant yellow turmeric almond milk (aka Golden Milk) reveals not just a delicious drink, but convenient access to a whole food with multiple health benefits. But not all almond milks are created equal; many in...
Test Drive: 2015 BMW i8
Each year, car manufacturers across the globe release 350 or so new models. The vast majority are annual updates to models past—new iterations that are a little more powerful, a little more fuel-efficient and feature smarter tech and nav systems...
We Are FriendsWithYou Book
Founded back in 2002 by Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, contemporary art collective FriendsWithYou (FWY) has been delighting fans across the globe with their colorful and otherworldly creations ever since. From large-scale interactive installations...
Yoskay Yamamoto’s House of Daydreamers
by Eva Glettner Yoskay Yamamoto’s new exhibition “House of Daydreamers”—on show now at LA's Giant Robot—is a stunning collection of art created solely in the last six months. The prolific artist's show includes paintings, sculptures and a gallery...
Paris Photo Los Angeles 2014
For the second consecutive year, prestigious contemporary and modern photography fair Paris Photo Los Angeles called Paramount Pictures Studios home this past weekend, 25-27 April 2014. With the plaster-cast streets of NYC again as the backdrop...
Alley-Oop II at Poketo
For years Eric Trine and Will Bryant have been both friends and collaborators with Poketo’s Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. Last year the first installment of Alley-Oop filled the Poketo gallery space in Los Angeles with vibrant hues, whimsical shapes...
Commodity's Fragrance Fitting Kit
Sleekly and simply packaged, Commodity’s collection of handcrafted, small-batch fragrances for men and women offer an opportunity to find one’s signature scent far away from the beauty counter. Adapting a Warby Parker-like model, the LA-based brand...
Studio Visit: Ben Medansky Ceramics
On a misty LA morning, the act of sipping a warm cup coffee out of a Ben Medansky mug at Go Get Em Tiger offers insight into the blossoming of a new talent in the world of ceramics. Medansky has made many cups for Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski...
Aether LA Motorcycle Ride
The inaugural AETHERmoto ride in Los Angeles—hosted by Aether Apparel—was an experiment in urban exploration. Both Aether founders, Jonah Smith and Palmer West, are avid riders and have gone on numerous excursions with RawHyde Adventures into the...
Tyndall PVD Black Carbon Fiber LTD
Modern, complex and exquisite, this limited edition watch is a spin on Xetum's Tyndall line, designed in LA, but containing a Swiss automatic movement. Defined by Xetum’s signature lugless case, an exhibition back and a carbon fiber dial with a recessed...
Interview: Stephen Kenn
by Tariq Dixon Stephen Kenn’s approach to design is quite simple: “Strip things down to the barest bones.” Throughout the LA-based designer’s career, he has explored this philosophy in various forms—including two denim brands and an accessories...
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