Digital Knitting Machine, Kniterate
Aspiring fashion designers can now attempt to produce their own knitwear with a clever digital knitting machine currently funding on Kickstarter. Already fully-funded with $287,000 and still 32 days to go (at time of publish), well over their...
Kitterly Knitting and Crochet Kits
Worth more than $3 billion a year, the knitting and crochet industry is no laughing matter, and you'd be mistaken for thinking it's not high on Silicon Valley's list of things to update. As such, Kitterly is a DIY, tech-focused platform that matches...
The North Circular's First Book: A Good Yarn
by Caroline Kinneberg Marking five years since friends and fellow models Lily Cole and Katherine Poulton launched their luxury ethical knitwear brand The North Circular, the duo recently released the book "A Good Yarn." The designs in the book...
Nido: Handmade Knitwear from Argentina
Knitwear, at the moment, has never been more interesting—in the last month alone, we've covered everything from psychedelic beach-inspired couture to soft iridescent blankets to a new dedicated biannual magazine. And in the world of hand-knitted...
Mirror of Threads Blankets by Emdal Colorknit
Designer Signe Emdal has an affinity with the year 1984. That's the year her 1.25-ton German knitting machine was made, as well as the Nikon camera she uses to create patterns from photos. However, Emdal (who entered the industry in 2006 by helping...
Knit Wit Magazine
Young knitters, weavers and even hobbyists rejoice—no longer do you have to resort to dusty old library books or wade through the barrages of cutesy pink images on Pinterest to learn, share and discover new material related to handicrafts. Making...
Wool and the Gang
$49 - $149 width="300" height="300" class="none" /> $49 - $149
The Strong, Star-Bright Companions
Fair Isle fans have long fetishized the winter staple, but Ellen Lesperance's upcoming exhibit at Seattle's Ambach & Rice Gallery explores the sweater as more than a cozy way to keep warm. Named "The Strong, Star-Bright Companions," after an elegiac...
Aldo Lanzini at Missoni's Spring/Summer 2011 Show
Aldo Lanzini's beautifully alarming crochet masks most recently made an appearance at Missoni's Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show when the 30 ushers wore them to seat people. While the riotous colors and fantastical faces make compliment the Italian...
Haesu Kwon
Eschewing the idea that upcycling and luxury are mutually exclusive, recent Parsons grad Haesu Kwon blends traditional high-end wools with anomalous yarns for Space Queen, an ambitious thesis collection of striking sweaters, leggings, capes and...
The Steven
The latest knit product from Krochet Kids, this new zippered laptop case joins the socially-minded outfit's line of beanies in empowering developing regions by encouraging sustainable businesses. Employing Northern Ugandan women to hand-knit the...
Photos by James Ryang With terms like yarn bombing, knit art, guerrilla knitting and knitting graffiti defining the alternative knitting scene, the casual observer might mistake the movement as nothing more than a passing offshoot of the craft's resurgence...
Sweat Shop
Joining the growing spate of yarn stores pulling double duty as coffee shops, Paris' Sweat Shop provides a social environment where sewing enthusiasts can fuel up on caffeine while also toiling away on their latest craft projects. Located in the...
Warmi Knits
Now in its second season, Warmi continues to blend contemporary style with indigenous craftsmanship. A Franco-Colombian artisinal fashion label, each collection is designed by the brand's Colombian-born, Paris-based founder, Sylvia Toth, then...
Rodarte Men's Sweaters
by Richard Prime Releasing its first items for men this month, Californian fashion label Rodarte introduces their fairytale-grunge deconstructed knits to a new audience. The four-piece collection sees the sisterly duo apply a slightly more masculine...
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