Best of CH 2014: Data Visualization
With 2014 complete, we can now take a look back at the year from a quantified point of view. This interactive data map visualizes CH's most commonly used keywords, which are represented as bubbles within a ring of our main content categories. Each...
Photographer Kenneth Willardt: The Beauty Book
Back in 2003, photographer Kenneth Willardt purchased a corner building in the far west of NYC's Chelsea neighborhood, a hub for the arts and creative industries. Over 10 years later, the space still functions as both his 558 Gallery and a personal...
INST-INT 2014: Conference Highlights
From the founders of technology festival Eyeo comes a smaller, more tightly focused offshoot called INST-INT. Now in its second year, the stimulating three-day experience saw roughly 300 people gravitate to Minneapolis' Walker Art Center to glean...
London Design Festival 2014: Fresh Staples
Our previous look at this year's London Design Festival highlighted a few select newcomers for 2014, but equally exciting are the shops, satellite fairs and institutions you come to count on during any city's annual design week. Below are some of...
Game Developer Other Ocean's #IDARB
From their headquarters Emeryville, CA and three studios in Canada and Northern California, game developers Other Ocean work on a multitude of projects that span mobile, handheld and console games. They've produced numerous noteworthy titles over...
My Travels World Map
Help mini globetrotters keep a physical record of their childhood travel with this My Travels World Map from Children Inspire Design. Kids gain a global perspective, as they use stickers to document their trips and plot future journeys. A fun activity...
On a recent trip to Seoul, CH had the chance to check out the degree show at Hongik University, a school that has one of the strongest fine arts and design programs in South Korea. One of the projects that attracted a fair amount of attention was...
Cool Hunting Video: Paul Cocksedge
Moments before the opening of his first solo exhibition, London-based designer Paul Cocksedge spoke with CH. With a background primarily in creating large-scale, temporary light installations with his design firm, Cocksedge's premiere of smaller...
Voice Tunnel, In the Gloaming
Sponsored content: For over 80 years, Manhattan's Park Avenue Tunnel has been shuttered to pedestrian traffic. That is, until the Department of Transportation's Summer Streets program commissioned artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer to unveil the space...
Cool Hunting Video: SOFTlab for Sonos Studio
SOFTlab, a New York-based design studio, recently took on the challenge of creating a piece to be featured in the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. The only instruction for the project was to build an interactive structure that unifies light and sound...
Novalia Drum Poster
Novalia is a team of seven scientists, programmers and designers from Cambridge, England whose members love all things creative. The small technology firm wants to put their platform in the hands of musicians, artists and other creatives—starting...
Danaë by Vadim Zakharov
Greek mythology is the inspiration for the Russian Pavilion at this year's 55th Venice Art Biennale, which is seen in "Danaë"—a provocative installation conceived by conceptual artist Vadim Zakharov and curated by Udo Kittelman, under the supervision...
Social Fabric
Currently showing at Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) of Los Angeles, "Social Fabric" presents the work of seven artists across installations, performances, workshops and collaborative projects made primarily from cloth. Curated by Anuradha Vikram...
A unique interactive online adventure, Journey for PS3 is by far one of the best games of 2012. It's also the first video game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy. You will be immersed in gorgeous Miyazaki-esque environments and share an experience...
Street Museum of Art
With its inaugural public arts project, "In Plain Sight," the The Street Museum of Art (SMoA) is challenging the notion of sequestering street art to a museum by bringing the museum out to the streets. Featuring work from artists like Sweet Toot...
Emo Public Furniture
Sitting, eating, lying, bathing, storing, arranging flowers, telling the time—these are the functions to which mainstream design reduces the sum of human effort, focusing on model houses with model users whose needs do not deviate from the essentials...
Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens is like the Madonna of the literary world. Two centuries later, the progressive British novelist remains as relevant and legendary today as he was at the height of his career. Marking the bicentennial of his birth this year is a series...
Nova 4th Edition
While queuing at the Nova contemporary art event Nova in São Paulo recently, a handful of half-masked ninjas went to work scribbling on nearby glass walls. The live-art act by the collective Ros Dolan and the Gang kicked off a lineup of free...
The Pegleg Givewaway
Anyone who grew up reading the Choose Your Own Adventure book series will delight in Italian publisher Whaiwhai's take on interactive storytelling. Part guidebook, part game, each book unlocks secrets to the city as you unravel the mystery page by...
Nike+ and YesYesNo
Potential Prefontaines aside, most who run would be hard-pressed to find any grace or beauty in our daily jogs. And yet that's exactly what Nike+'s latest collaboration with interactive design firm YesYesNo accomplishes. Over two stunningly beautiful...
For Nihon
As the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis begin to fade from the headlines, heartfelt efforts to help the nation recover continue. One that recently stood out brings together a group of ambient recording artists who are stepping up with...
What started a year ago as little more than exhibit listings, the Paris art site Also claiming to be the only site like it that allows artists and venues to publish resumes and portfolios and keep visitors informed throughout the year, Slash shows...
Red Sticker Campaign
The move by Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art director Jeffrey Deitch to remove commissioned street artist Blu's artwork from the institution's exterior was polemic—not to mention ironic—being that it happened just a few months...
DWR and MyDeco
When British website Mydeco arrived stateside last year with their 3D room planning tool, we were impressed with the user-friendly interior design program that allowed you to choose from a host of home furnishings. Their interactive tool proved so...
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