Distilling a Year with the Zeitguide 2015
There's a reason we continue to feature the Zeitguide from Grossman & Partners. Each week, founder and CEO Brad Grossman, and his ever-expanding team, cull through over 2,000 pieces of source material on breaking news, global trends and key topics...
Cultural Almanac Membership
Creative consultancy Grossman & Partners shares their critically acclaimed insights in an annual hard bound publication, and their new membership service will come complete with this year's limited edition almanac, as well as a weekly email service...
Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks
Designing compelling and informative ways to communicate raw data has never been more pertinent. In light of the ceaseless thirst for information brought on by the digital age (along with the multitude of access points for such information) the wealth...
The California Sunday Magazine
By the time Pop-Up Magazine brought their live-performance "literary magazine" to NYC in collaboration with ESPN, they were already four "issues" into a cultural phenomenon anchored in the Bay Area. An issue of Pop-Up happens to be a night of art...
Because I Said So!
The loveable Ken Jennings is known for his amazing record-breaking winning streak on Jeopardy in 2004. Now the ultra-nerd has authored a fascinating read—completely interesting and accessible—even for lesser minds. "Because I Said So!" debunks and...
Zeitguide 2013
Each year, consulting agency Grossman & Partners pulls on a wealth of research, intuition and cultural know-how to produce the Zeitguide, a briefing for the year ahead. The project is an addendum to their day job, which involves assessing cultural...
A-Z Coffee
Dubbed, "a kick-starter for geeky coffee conversations," Kaffikaze's A-Z Coffee guide is a caffeinated force to reckon with. Valuable bits of coffee knowledge are dropped next to drawings by the talented London-based illustrator Lars Kolstad Huse.
Information Graphics
Respected art historian Sandra Rendgen teamed up with Taschen to produce Information Graphics, a new tome that chronicles the images that make sense of the torrent of data rushing past us.
London Design Festival iPhone App
Like many of the world's art and design fairs, when the London Design Festival began 10 years ago, the biggest challenge was actually navigating the event itself. Always teeming with a surplus of exciting offerings from across the creative disciplines...
The just-launched OpenBuildings online database organizes architecture's finest examples from around the globe in an effort to share info and highlight stunning developments. Multiple methods of navigating the buildings—as a grid, list, slideshow...
Which Governments Demand Google Remove Information
An unrivaled information clearinghouse, Google and its many subsidiaries (YouTube, Blogger, etc.) are private. Still, governments seek data from Google's vast database for investigations, sometimes even requesting permanent removal of content they...
While Wikipedia may be the modern encyclopedia for the information-absorbing set, it often lacks the depth needed to fully comprehend involved subjects—for example the Spanish Inquisition or Behavior Economics. Developed to expand your knowledge...
Oil Primer: Where It Comes From, Where It Goes
From artist Stanford Kay, this exhaustive infographic (click here for full size) shows the sticky situations many nations face with their high dependence on oil and limited resources for getting it. Created in response to the recent BP oil spill...
Bike Snob
The forthcoming witty guide to the world of cycling called "Bike Snob" is the brainchild of NYC's eponymous blogger. Choosing to remain anonymous, Bike Snob explains why the bicycle is truly a great invention (even the Amish use it) and takes his...
As one of the newest additions to the growing spate of crowd-sourced apps for mobile devices, Blockchalk puts user-friendly, location-based bulletin boards in the palm of users hands in over 13,000 neighborhoods worldwide. Developed by Delicious...
Best of CH 2009: Top Five iPhone Apps
An explosive year for iPhone apps, in the final days of 2009 we now have over 100,000 to choose from making it possible to do everything from dictating text to learning about the Greek Gods right from our fingertips. While many offer valuable solutions...
Fifty Years of Exploration: Space Infographic
The National Geographic's Fifty Years of Exploration beautifully charts the paths taken by astronauts on historic missions to space—including both failed and triumphant attempts—visually pinpointing specific interests in various planets...
Good Magazine: Transparency
Good Magazine definitely lives up to its title, so discovering their Flickr page aggregating one of our favorite regular features, spreads of their info-graphics called Transparency, feels like striking Good gold. The colorful charts cleverly...
Delivering digital images from a smartphone or PDA to your eye, SBG Labs' optical technology prototype DigiLens makes it possible to seamlessly layer virtual information over physical reality. Built from holographic optical switching technology...
Tâke Personal Pocket Safe
One problem that comes with the internet's high level of data fluidity is how to keep your most private information private. Black Box Innovations attempts to ameliorate the issue with the Tâke Personal Pocket Safe. What appears to be an...
PSFK Conference: Trends, Inspiration and Creative Ideas
After seeing great success at their Spring 2007 conferences in London and New York, PSFK will host its third symposium in the City of Angels Tuesday 18 September 2007. In accordance with PSFK's mission to "make things better," the conference...
We Feel Fine
For almost a year now Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar have been scanning blogs to find and catalog human feelings. We Feel Fine is their database and visualization of several million emotional statements found by searching blog posts for the...
State of the Union Visualizer
Brad Borevitz created this tool, simply named State of the Union, to visualize keywords from US presidential State of the Union addresses from 1790 to 2006. Every address is included; for each one common words are displayed with the size showing...
Visual Complexity
Visual Complexity is a listing of nearly 300 different information mapping projects. Compiled by Manuel Lima, a Portuguese information designer who recently finished his MFA at Parson's School of Design in New York, each entry includes a project...
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