The Infographic Guide to Series
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an infographic is surely worth 10,000. Where words would surely fail, the infographic takes a complicated bounty of data and, in the best cases, succinctly and aesthetically transforms it into an appealing...
Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks
Designing compelling and informative ways to communicate raw data has never been more pertinent. In light of the ceaseless thirst for information brought on by the digital age (along with the multitude of access points for such information) the wealth...
Mapping It Out: An Alternative Atlas of Contemporary Cartographies
A few years ago, an unusual map of Africa began gaining traction throughout the internet. It showed that the continent is, in fact, larger than the United States, China, Japan, India and all of Europe combined. This realization surprised the many...
The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2014
After sharing the stunning works of last year's winners, we're pleased to announce this year's call for entries at the third annual Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. Co-founder David McCandless (himself a data visualizer) recognized the importance...
Information is Beautiful Award Winners 2013
In an information-obsessed society, a new crop of artists is representing visual data in engaging, imaginative ways. In June, we were pleased to announce this year's Information is Beautiful Awards. It's a competition, open to the public, that was...
Image of the Studio: A Portrait of New York City Graphic Design
From the number of house plants to the amount of music played and what type, the new exhibition "Image of the Studio: A Portrait of New York City Graphic Design" showcases a fastidious breakdown of the environments in which 75 of the Big Apple's...
Constitutions of Classic Cocktails
An infographic guide to 68 cocktails and their constituent parts that will help even the most novice bartender shake up perfect libations. Created by Pop Chart Lab, each poster measures 27" x 39" and is pressed in Flatlands, Brooklyn with vegetable...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Les Bentley Boys The rapturous video "Les Bentley Boys" combines vintage footage of notable races with Bentley glamour to showcase France's prestigious Le Mans motor race. The annual 24-hour competition carries a 90-year history, with its course...
Information is Beautiful Awards 2013
We've been slammed with facts, statistics and reports for as long as we've known how to ingest and interpret them. There's a reason why infographics have surged in popularity and been mobilized by the news media; no trick can plant a fact more firmly...
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