Son Lux: Change is Everything With latent, unassuming power found among sweeping rhythms and perfectly timed chirps, the track "Change Is Everything" from NYC's Son Lux was released in accompaniment with the news of a new album, Bones, due out in...
Interview: Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian
Glaswegian indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian is something of a rare breed in today's music landscape. The revolving cast of musicians—with frontman Stuart Murdoch and a handful of foundational members remaining constant—has released nine studio...
Dent May: I'll Be Stoned For Christmas
"Tis the season to be high / So fill my cup to top / Light me up till I'm hot." A true indie alternative to the Mariah Carey, Wham and Frank Sinatra that takes over department store PA systems during the holiday season is Mississippi-based Dent May...
Craft Breweries of London Map
As a city that created many of the world's greatest beers, London is no novice to brewing. But after years of industry decline, a new surge from independent brewers is putting the Big Smoke back on the world map with their quest for better-quality...
State Of The Union Tee
DFA Records pays homage to its roster of artists with their State of the Union T-shirt. Printed on an American Apparel 50/50 cotton tee, names comprising their signature lightening bolt logo include label favorites like Yacht, LCD Soundsystem, Holy...
Myth Syzer: Clean Shoes (feat. Prince Waly)
Aussie three-piece garage outfit Bloods comes in swinging on their latest single "No Fun." With an upbeat and in-your-face attitude, the band evokes a carefree, "windows down in the summertime" feeling while keeping things just edgy enough—calling...
For this week's bout of exciting new music we turned to the team behind MTV Iggy, who used their distinct global focus to highlight five international acts making noise around the world. See their picks below, and follow Iggy on Twitter for even more...
Keep Shelly In Athens: Oostende
For this week's bout of exciting new music we turned to the team behind MTV Iggy, who used their distinct global focus to highlight five international acts making noise around the world. See their picks below, and follow Iggy on Twitter for even more...
Bryte: Nadia Number
Paris-based producer Myth Syzer has created beats for his fellow French artists Joke and Yann Ichon as well as Harlem-based rapper Perrion. If his remix of Wiz Khalifa's "Work" didn't get your head bobbing, "Clean Shoes," featuring epic rhymes from...
Bloods: No Fun
2NE1 made waves throughout South Korea by differing themselves from their fellow cookie-cutter all-girl pop groups, who seemed to take stage as eye candy rather than as performers. Influenced by hip-hop, R&B and a good dose of electronic dance, 2NE1...
2NE1: Missing You
A dreamy mix of Balearic beats, Scandinavian pop, Greek nonchalance and a touch of Sade make the aptly named duo Keep Shelly in Athens a melodic wonder. "Oostende" brings their yearning to life in a video teeming with shooting stars and missed connections...
Rad Summer
Located just a short walk up from Heart Roasters, cozy vintage shop Rad Summer stands out in a land of lost-and-found fashion. A resource for locals in the know for many years running, the prolific vintage store specializes in carefully-selected men...
Marques Toliver: Land of CanAan
A debut album set in motion by busking from New York to Belgium, many factors play into the soulful joy of Marques Toliver's Land of CanAan. Chance, talent, a voice and a violin have mingled, coalescing into a new sub-genre of rhythm and blues and...
Interview: Hanni El Khatib
San Francisco-born, LA-based Hanni El Khatib's new album Head in the Dirt—produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys—is perfect summertime listening. It contains more of that blues and garage-influenced rock that the singer-songwriter is best known...
CH Summer 2012 Playlist
Whether sultry August means partying to the beat of your AC or—better yet—escaping to the beach, the sun is still in full effect and there's no reason not to celebrate the dog days of summer. Sweat out the remainder of this balmy season...
Cool Hunting's Hibernating Playlist
As winter sputters along in New York, we're finding plenty of reasons to be homebodies —an activity that calls for the appropriate soundtrack. Like Atlas Sounds' opener "The Shakes," some of the best music for the season seems engineered for...
Cool Hunting's Harvest Playlist
Fall is all about motivation, preparing for the season ahead by taking stock of summer's bounty. While melancholy at times—Bon Iver's childhood memory "Michicant," "Harvest Breed by Nick Drake—there's plenty here to get you going too...
A standout in Beijing's underground rock scene (learn more about it from our story on five other bands) returns to the U.S. this month for a few shows in NYC before swinging through the South. Hedgehog, formed in 2005, is one of the most notorious...
Nightmare and the Cat
"Drink your shots, pick up your beer and come watch us perform," Django Stewart commanded the crowd at Mercury Lounge last week. "We're Nightmare and the Cat," punctuated his brother and fellow frontman Sam Stewart, kicking off the show to launch...
11/100 (Patent Pending Industries 1999 - 2010)
by Noah Armstrong Eleven years ago Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux left Sub Pop Records' art department and formed Patent Pending Industries, designing posters that channel the analog days of graphic design, a time when hand-drawn illustrations...
Cool Hunting's Summer Warm-Up Mix
While the season's transitional weather lends plenty of opportunities for staring-out-the-window-at-the-rain songs, spring's soft sunshine also inspires a feel-good faster pace—so that we can get it all done in time for dreamy do-nothing summer...
Five Portland Venues
Portland's influx of musicians is an adored attribute about the city. From the iconic house party to more traditional venues, Portland remains to keep their music scene fresh with an unconventional take on industry standards. Highlighted below are...
Don't Move Here
by Adrienne So Wieden+Kennedy's latest venture, an online video and radio portal dubbed WK+Entertainment, puts the advertising giant into the content production game. Among the offerings, the web series "Don't Move Here" documents Portland's ever...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Micachu and the Shapes
by Gregory Mitnick Following British musician Micachu through the aisles of a hardware store and along the streets of NYC, our video on the 23-year-old documents how she builds her experimental instruments. We also learn how her classical training...
Sound Kapital: Beijing's Music Underground
by Ashley Eldridge To the casual concert-goer, China's capital city may seem uncharted musical territory, but photographer Matthew Niederhauser's new book "Sound Kapital: Beijing's Music Underground" places it as a powerful...
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