Tammy Tiranasar Jewelry
In Tammy Tiranasar's jewelry, the art of macramé unfurls in colorfully hand-knotted necklaces that play with and subvert expectations about patterns. Sweeping, intuitively articulated, organic forms characterize the line and are presented in the...
Ditto Press London
Next to the Regent’s Canal in the pretty but comparatively sleepy De Beauvoir area in London, sandwiched in between Haggerston, Shoreditch and Islington, risograph print studio and publishing house Ditto Press has just opened its doors to the public...
Sundance Film Festival's NEXT FEST
Those who were unable to make it to Park City, Utah for the 2014 edition of the Sundance Film Festival have another opportunity to see some of the best emerging cinema stateside—this time in LA from 7-10 August 2014. Part of the official festival...
Lightning In The Hand
"It is American mythology—Westerns are our Greek mythology," says Joey Grossfield, director, writer and producer of "Lighting In The Hand," an independent film currently seeking financing on Kickstarter. Taking a turn in a different direction than...
NTS Radio
Operating out of a tiny hut in the center of Dalston is NTS Radio, now one of London's most influential pirate radio stations. Founded just over a year ago by locals Femi Adeyemi and Clair Urbahn, the station provides a daily range of unfiltered...
Stuff the Movie
Looking at emerging film work these days, some may argue that the accessibility of tools seems to make would-be filmmakers think they don't actually have to be creative. That's far from the case with "Stuff" a new short by director Frank Sisti Jr...
Norwegian Wood
In a tale of passion, pain and friendship, the film Norwegian Wood explores deep-seated themes of loss and sexuality. Based on the book of the same title, the film takes place amid the civil turmoil of 1960s Japan, following the story of three young...
Geologic City: A Field Guide to the Geoarchitecture of New York
Relatively innocuous and informative guidebooks exist for nearly every city on Earth. Generally alike in form and function, a good one tends to be a necessity in a foreign land but they rarely offer unique insight or dynamic perspectives. The new...
The Borscht Film Festival
Speeding through Miami in a 1992 Toyota Corolla after midnight is just another day on the job for mastermind and self-proclaimed "Minister of The Interior" of the Borscht Film Festival Lucas Leyva. Leaving his own after party, the head of the city...
People's Biennial
In an effort to highlight artists from five U.S. cities not typically considered artistic hotbeds, the People's Biennial features the work of 36 artists from Portland, OR; Rapid City, SD; Winston-Salem, NC; Scottsdale, AZ and Haverford, PA. Presented...
Melrose Market
This past weekend marked the official grand opening party for Seattle's new 21,000-square-foot gastronomy and retail mecca Melrose Market. Located in Capitol Hill, the destination steps in as a refreshingly modern version of the city's tourist-heavy...
Camden International Film Festival 2009
The fifth annual Camden International Film Festival begins today and, as sponsors this year, we couldn't be more excited. Held in venues throughout Camden, Rockport and Rockland, Maine, the festival goes through Sunday 4 October 2009 and brings...
The Swedish Model
By Mike Giles We are all fed up with the cat and mouse game when it comes to the legalities of current music distribution models and file sharing. The Swedish Model is an organization that consists of seven Swedish indie record labels working together...
Dossier Journal
Combining creative writing, photography, fashion and art Dossier, an independent arts and culture journal based in Brooklyn, is set to launch 15 May 2008. Founded by childhood friends and collaborators Editorial Director Katherine Krause and photographer...
Five Chinese Indie Bands
There are only a handful of independently run music labels in China but more and more independently produced music is being released everyday, fueling a small yet burgeoning indie music scene. Holding to the spirit of truly independent music, many...
INDVSL is an independently owned and operated clothing company . They were founded with the focus on bringing together independent artists' work across "multiple creative platforms including fine artists, photographers, designers, musicians...
Punk MC
Punk MC--and the designs are all pretty fresh. This shirt is a design called Airport '77, with some intricate and witty illustrations. The Punk MC line isn't all that's hot though, definitely take a peak at their other labels.
Little Paper Planes
Little Paper Planes is collection of clothing, accessories, and artwork from a handful of independent artists. The crew spans from NYC to Oakland working on many mediums making jewelry, posters, handbags, clothing, wall paintings and more. The artists...
Digital Gravel
Digital Gravel is another hot resource for design heavy, underground and independant street wear. They stock over 250 products, mostly t-shirts and sweatshirts.
Oki-ni is an independent, London-based design group which works in collaboration with a range of brands and designers to create products unique to oki-ni and only available online from . In addition to collaborations with Adidas, like...
Styleaholics Productions presents Closet, an open bar event with 4 international girl DJs, 16 indie fashion designers, and lots of potential for fun. Stuff for boys, girls, and everyone in between... 5 August 2003 @ PLAID (formerly SPA) E13 St Btw...
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