Edit Images, Videos and Gifs with Kanvas App
Though the current state of social media offers an app for nearly everyone, there's always room for more to play in the spaceā€”so long as they're willing to play nice with others across all key platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr...
CH Gift Guide: Perfect Snap
Have a budding lensman in your life? Help your favorite photographer move beyond the confines of Instagram filters and into the bigger picture with a gift that will surely enhance their camera skills. Whether it's Hasselblad's beautiful point-and...
MAXHASH, the first app from design and developer studio HYPERHYPER, is the newest way to browse the internet. The app conglomerates hashtags from popular social media networks (so far just Instagram and Tumblr) to bring those tagged images onto a...
Lytro Perspective Shift
With the introduction of their truly unique light field camera, Lytro made a big splash last year. Founder Ren Ng recently released a Lytro update that allows users manual control of their high-tech and compact cameras, and now the company is taking...
Presence: The Invisible Portrait
Over the past two decades, Canadian photographer Chris Buck has made his mark by putting famous people in vaguely incongruous situations and snapping at just the right moment. His creative take on portraiture not only exposes an alternative side...
Wordless Web
The endless stream of information available on the web can easily get clogged with an overload of messaging. To simplify your daily surfing sessions, former Google Creative Lab Creative Director Ji Lee—with the coding help of Cory Forsyth...
Cultural Differences
Recently presented at Rhizome's annual Seven on Seven conference, Aaron Swartz and Taryn Simon's "Cultural Differences" application culls the top six photos from a Google image search for a specific word in 15 countries, displaying a visual comparison...