Form Us With Love for IKEA
Stockholm's Form Us With Love—while being one of the most established of design companies in the Scandinavian design landscape—is still very young compared to its peers, being founded in 2005. Yet its reputation as one of the most reliably creative...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Ron Arad In Reverse Israel's talented designer Ron Arad recently opened a new exhibit at the Design Museum Holon (which he also designed in 2010) called "In Reverse." Inspired by his love for metal, the series explores the physical characteristics...
Ikea PS 2012 and Knäppa
During Salone del Mobile, Ikea took the opportunity to unveil the new PS 2012 collection in the emerging space from Ventura Lambrate. All the designers involved in the project were asked to go through the history of the company, reinventing old pieces...
Ikea, The Book
Opening its first store in 1958, Ikea ranks as not just one of the most successful Swedish companies alongside Volvo but was an early pioneer in making good design accessible. Its hard to imagine modern living without the brand's inexpensive, self...
Ikea: Come Into The Closet
Inviting everyone to "come into the closet," Ikea's playful ad campaign uses an interactive flash-based dance scene, controlled by sound, to highlight their creativity when it comes to closet organizing systems. The clever promotion...
Ding 3000: Pimp my Billy
Three young designers from Germany, taking issue with Ikea's rather bland Billy shelving units, reinvented the furniture in a series of designs that repurpose the unit. Called Pimp my Billy, the collection of design interventions cheers up a cheap...
Christian de Vietri
Like householders the world over, Perth sculptor Christian de Vietri has been spending time in IKEA. Loitering in the Faktum kitchen and between the Billy bookcases, slumped on the Klippan two-seater and filling his pockets with allen keys, de Vietri...
Ikea Everyday Fabulous Takes on NYC
Ikea has been making over parts of NYC in celebration of their Everyday Fabulous Exhibit (which ended today). Their stylists took on parks, turned hot dog stands into outdoor cafés, bustops into living rooms and strung up hammocks on...
Ikea's Camouflage Chair
Office chair design seems to lag about 50 light-years behind everything else. Somehow form rarely balances function and most seating options succumb to the same set of boring standards. Leave it to Ikea to make something as democratic as the office...