SproutsIO Hybrid Hydroculture Technology
The best way to be close to your food is to grow it yourself, though many people can't keep houseplants or herb gardens alive in the best of times. With SproutsIO, funding now on Kickstarter after extensive product-testing, a self-moderating hybrid...
Ambienta Plant Lamp
The mushroom-shaped Ambienta lamp has two settings (grow light and ambient light) and, like a paint palette, has compartments for six plants. Seagreenlife's soil-free plants grow on water, nutrients and a hydroponic growth medium located at the base...
Terra Hydro Terrarium
These copper edged glass terrariums crafted by a designer duo from Ichikawa, Japan exhibit the beauty of the entire plant. With one compartment to hold the water and another to suspend the plant, this unique vase allows you to observe both the succulent...
Spring Gardening Gear
Everyone can be a gardener with a little effort, proper scheduling and a dedicated plot of land. Whether or not you're interested in toying with orach or purple tree collards, or having your plants tweet, maybe this is the year you dig in. The following...
Grow Bottle
Part of Potting Shed Creations' new line of products coming Sring 2011, the Grow Bottle makes hydroponic herb farming compact and easy to do indoors year-round. Potting Shed Creations prides itself on its sustainable, forward-thinking gardening...