DCA Design's Optic Augmented Reality Cyclist Helmet
Snap judgments play a heavy role in the world of cycling. And now, Warwickshire, UK—based agency DCA Design has a proposal to give cyclists even more necessary information to make decisions quickly and safely. Their proposal for Optic, the winner of...
Max Steiner Costumes at The Shop at The Standard, High Line
Halloween is on the horizon and for those still without a costume, The Shop at The Standard, High Line has a solution. For a second time, they've embarked on a curated collaboration with designer Max Steiner—and this year features a bounty of his...
Hand-Painted Bike Helmets
NYC's Danielle Baskin designs and paints landscapes, video game throwbacks, educational charts and even internet memes and emojis through her one-woman company, Inkwell Helmets, proving the slightly dorky safety precaution is just as fun and customizable...
CH25: Marcus Weller
The world’s first augmented reality motorcycle helmet, the Skully AR-1 has Synapse™ Vision Enhancement that eliminates blind spots with a wide-angle blind spot camera, along with navigation via Skully Synapse™ Smart Heads up Display (HUD) technology...
Marcus Weller
Like many innovations before it, Skully was born from an accident. Skully founder and CEO Marcus Weller was on his motorcycle, looking at a street sign, when the car in front of him slammed on its brakes. Weller didn’t see the car until he flew into...
Thousand Bike Helmets
Not everybody wants to wear a sleek, webbed bike helmet like pro riders. For many, that sporty design doesn't match their brand of everyday biking: running errands, grabbing groceries or cruising around the neighborhood. Gloria Hwang aims to overcome...
Fuga Bike Helmet
Closca won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award this year with its Fuga helmet. Not only is the Fuga safety-certified in Europe, Canada and the States, the helmet is super-convenient. The thin-shell design folds down—reducing its own space by 50%—meaning...
Death Spray Custom's Racing Art
To call British artist David Gwyther—better known as Death Spray Custom—a gear-head is a gross understatement, as most of Gwyther's pieces move quite fast themselves. Whether he's hand-mixing iridescent paint for a gas tank or painstakingly painting...
Smith Overtake Road Cycling Helmet
Though best known for making goggles and other sport-specific eyewear, Smith Optics has long explored other product segments for outdoor enthusiasts. Most notably: helmets. The new Overtake helmet is their first foray into competitive road cycling...
Martone Cycling Helmet
Urban cycling brand Martone presents a cherry-red helmet in the spirit of equestrian riders. Function meets form in the simple, protective piece designed for urban commuters.
3D-Scanned Customized Protection by Bell Helmets
Bell Helmets, the all-American helmet company—has spent the last 60 years protecting racers and enthusiasts from head injuries. In various disciplines ranging from self-powered to gas-powered sports, Bell has positioned itself at the forefront of...
ICEdot: Helmet Crash Sensor
The unfortunate truth about cycling is that, at some point, you're going to crash. Try as you might with bike handling skills, heightened road awareness or just plain defensive riding, it's unfortunately bound to happen. And when it does, you'll...
Closca's Collapsible Bike Helmet
What deters many from strapping on a helmet before biking to the grocery store or utilizing a city's bike-share program is oftentimes the burden of carrying around the bulky (but potentially life-saving) accessory after the bike is parked. Here...
Matte Helmets
Canadian helmet company Sahn is about riding, not racing. And whether you're riding waves, streets or slopes, you can look good doing it—even as a rookie. Most importantly, keep protected city ventures with a Sahn helmet, "for those who may or may...
Conrad Leach "Lucky 13" Helmet
Motorcycle enthusiast and contemporary artist Conrad Leach modeled this limited edition helmet for Atelier Ruby after the one featured in his painting "Lucky 13," a favorite work of Ruby founder Jerôme Coste. An edition of 50, each black lacquered...
Sahn Classic
After working for 10 years at Predator creating protective gear for water sports and skateboarding, designer Matt Kelly wanted to work on a different kind of project. Partnering with Sen-Huy Tan, a friend and a noted industry designer, the duo set...
Hövding Invisible Bicycle Helmet
by L.S. Winkler In 2005, Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin began work on a joint masters thesis in response to new laws requiring cyclists under the age of 15 to wear a helmet while operating a bicycle. The new law left many Swedish...
Pavillon St. Germain
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