Pig&Rig's Portable Party
One of the best summer activities is the backyard party—playing music until it echoes down the street, the smell of meat and veggies smoking on the grill, refreshing drinks and merrymaking until the sun goes down. Offering all this in single package...
Lightweight Outdoor Essentials
When trekking hundreds of miles even the slightest reduction in carry weight can increase efficiency and longevity on the trail. In the ongoing effort to minimize pack impact many companies have begun experimenting with new materials unconventional...
Car Camping
Even a passing mention of camping conjures up vivid memories of sleeping under the stars, watching the sun rise and the quintessential smell of a campfire. An adventurous way to escape the daily grind, we've prepared a few gear round-ups for different...
The Looftlighter
Sick of grilled chicken tasting like lighter fluid, theater director Richard Looft made his first prototype by using a reversed vacuum to blow air onto a toaster filled with charcoal. When he saw that the coal was ready to use in just a few minutes...
Savannah Bee Company Honey Trio
The Savannah Bee Company recently released a new trio of honey created for purposeful pairings. Their Cheese, Grill and Tea honeys are a finely tuned food accompaniment, utilizing the golden nectar's subtle sweetness. The Cheese honey is rich and...
Pete Evans: My Grill Book
An unconventional take on grilling, Australian chef Pete Evans shows how the backyard activity can produce some stunning spreads in his latest book "My Grill." From Portuguese burgers to calamari, Evans details how to barbecue almost anything...
BBQ Extras
Minimalists might only need a small charcoal grill and a few beers for a successful BBQ, but for larger occasions (or maximalists), there are many, many accessories and appliances to amp up the grilling experience. A follow–up to our earlier...
Portable and Tabletop Grills
Following the nine free–standing BBQs we brought you earlier this week, here are a few more suited to the urbanite without expansive yards or bank accounts. Portable and slightly cheaper, these are the grills to take to the beach, park, balcony...
Seasoned Skewers
Callisons Inc. has developed Seasoned Skewers. Permeated with essential oils and natural flavors, these wooden skewers flavor food from the inside out. Soak the skewers in liquid (water, wine, beer, etc.) then skewer your food, fish, chicken...