Hohokum PS4 Game
In Hohokum—a PS4 game collaboratively created by London-based studio Honeyslug and artist Richard Hogg—players navigate a surreal world as a curious flying kite. There are goals, activities and secrets to uncover as you roam around, all set to a soundtrack...
London's First Board Game Café: Draughts
London is full of old railway arches, most of which were traditionally used for storage, but lately many of them have become homes to restaurants, cafés, bakeries and bars. The latest addition to the arches below the East London Overground railway...
Fuffr's Smartphone Case
Two days after the intimate gathering to show its forthcoming Kickstarter film, the Fuffr studio in Stockholm is still full of empty beer cases and helium balloons slowly slinking down the windows. Yet, while many might be fretting at the thought...
Interactive Education with 1000 Days of Syria
When journalist Mitch Swenson ventured into the north of Syria in September 2013, he witnessed the tragic depths of the war first-hand. Most of the conflict coverage centered around the cities, but Swenson soon found that no person was left untouched...
Outerlands: Season One
Every now and then a project comes along that can make even the most jaded curmudgeon crack a smile—Outerlands is one of those projects. Video games are a diverse form of entertainment, and one that is oftentimes misunderstood, vilified or mocked...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Pins and Needles
In a large warehouse in Los Angeles, behind a massive rolling metal door, there is a room full of awesome pinball machines. A labor of love, Pins and Needles is a public arcade filled with privately owned pinball machines made available for everyone...
"Multiplayer" relives the beauty and simplicity of the '80s arcade with a group show—including the likes of Dave Perillo, The Silent Giants, Mike Budai and more—atGallery 1988's newly-opened westside location. Sponsored by OMG Posters...
The Raven
Created for the serious gamer, the Raven is a new wireless controller designed for the Playstation 3 but modeled after the more user-friendly X-box controller. We recently had the chance to road-test the Raven, finding the updated design really does...
If you're the kind of gamer (like us) who's tired of the hyper-realistic, hundreds-of-different-button games that flood the gaming consoles of today, then Blur might be for you. On the surface, the new racing game from Bizarre Creations is an absolutely...
Five Last-Minute Digital Gifts
If you're coming down to the wire for holiday gifting but don't want to send the standard e-gift certificate, we've pulled together a few digital options that'll show you've put some thought into your giving this year—or at...
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