Tsumiki Balancing Triangles
Designed by Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, these Tsumiki balancing triangles echo the playfulness of childhood games in a more refined form. Available in sets of seven, 13 or 22, the pieces can be stacked to create various architectural...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Design Legend Richard Sapper Dies at 83 Legendary industrial designer Richard Sapper has died at the age of 83. Throughout his nearly 60 year long career, the German-born, Italy-based designer worked to create products that not only looked...
Invisible Creature Stack and Scare
Uncle Goose lets imaginations soar with colorful blocks of monster parts and patterns. Made from sustainable Michigan-grown basswood, the blocks feature non-toxic ink and are made in the USA.
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Imaginative Kids
The most charming thing about childhood, once you've passed beyond it, is how boundless it seems. There is no dream that seems unreasonable or unrealistic, all your wildest ones—whether it's riding on the back of a unicorn or traveling through time...
Australian Rules Football
A true "one-eyed" supporter of Australian Rules football is an unflinching, unwavering champion of their team—even if they are the biggest losers in the league. Melbourne-based store Doomsday has created, with Sherrin (who have been making footballs...
Brass Tic Tac Toe Set
Tic Tac Toe has never been as classy—or adult—as with this Jonathan Adler iteration. Sculpted by Adler and his team in NYC's SoHo neighborhood, this set is made from marble and brass; with the pieces hand-polished to achieve a flashy sheen. The brass...
Superfight Classic Bundle
Superfight has taken the age old debate of "who would win in a fight?" and translated it into card-game form. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, players must build the most outrageous fighter from their hand (for example a pirate swinging a shark on...
Gift Guide: Games for Grown-Ups
Holidays are made for your inner child—the songs, the stories and the excitement—but kids of all ages should be allowed to be playful at any time of the year. Whether you're into speaking to spirits via a Ouija board, coloring in, building towers or...
Los Taburetes Game
Inspired by the way tree branches grow toward a light source, Spanish designer Pico Pau’s simple, stackable game called "Los Taburetes” challenges players to build and balance. Each game set comes with 12 miniature beech wood stools that users can...
Bauhaus Chess Set
Instead of castles, horses and crowns, this wooden chess set uses geometric shapes to signpost each piece’s function. Originally designed by Joseph Hartwig in 1923, the minimalist, Bauhaus-style game has been brought back to life by Naef for contemporary...
Keith Haring Dominos
Made in France, this wooden domino set features bright and playful artwork by iconic NYC pop artist Keith Haring. With a non-toxic finish, the pieces are for all ages, but certainly more significant to those who understand the importance that Haring...
Gold Playing Cards
Double-down on game night with Poketo's shiny set of Gold Playing Cards. The standard deck of cards is made from a durable plastic, so your winning hand will remain spill-proof even in the rowdiest game of Go Fish. Each set is made in Japan and comes...
Beach Tennis Set
Sporting their signature starry insignia, Fredericks & Mae’s handsome Beach Tennis set is a perfect way to enjoy the beach without getting wet—especially if the water's too cold. Made from baltic birch and cork, each kit comes with two paddles, a ball...
Akiko Petanque Set
Made in Denmark by family-run design company Skagerak, the Akiko Petanque Set is a playful (but ultimately sophisticated) addition to any outdoor hangout. The six steel balls (and two teak target balls) come in a wooden box complete with handles, so...
Mini Shapemaker
Made from rubberwood—an environmentally friendly tropical hardwood—Miller Goodman's Mini Shapemaker is a collection of building blocks for young and old. Whether making an abstract work of art or a gravity-defying sculpture, these hand-printed blocks...
Stackable Wooden Cats
Whether you pile them higher and higher Jenga-style, or just have them roaming on your office desk, these wooden cats require no feeding—just regular play. Each set comes with six curious kittens in realistic poses: yawning, stretching, reaching, walking...
Ouija Board
Beach London and the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic recently commissioned seven artists to design their dream Ouija Boards (which were then etched and laser-cut by Clear Cut Creation) and the results are sweet but spooky. One of the standouts is London...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Custom Presents
As much as you may want to shower your loved ones with gifts, the perfect present for each can be hard to find year after year. If you're organized enough to be thinking about stocking up on holiday gifts already, ordering a customized item is a thoughtful...
Backgammon Set
With 65 years of experience, Crisloid makes long-lasting backgammon sets—and even offers the opportunity to customize your own. While the team is open to exploring all kinds of themes—from palm trees to skull-decorated pieces—they never lose sight...
Indie and Experimental Video Games at 2015 ArtCade Con
What a time to be alive—especially if you play video games. The interactive entertainment medium has never been more exciting, and from blockbuster narrative masterpieces to low-budget experimental gems, the limits of technology and creativity...
Gradient Puzzle
Artist and graphic designer Bryce Wilner's Gradient Puzzle is a feast for the eyes and a true challenge for the brain. Made using thick stock and high-quality paper, the pieces won't fall apart—no matter how many times to try to make a piece fit. This...
Argentine game designer Fernando Ramallo and composer David Kanaga have teamed up to create Panoramical: an immersive videogame-like experience for Mac or PC where there are no rules. You're manipulating "abstract musical landscapes" via mouse, keyboard...
DICK Card Game
DICK is at once a provocative party game and a retelling of Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby-Dick" or, "The Whale." In a mash-up of literature and lowbrow humor, the game positions direct quotations from Melville's often-suggestive text against...
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