Slinkachu's Miniaturesque
Debuting 17 new staged images on both paper and aluminum, as well as his largest sculptural work to date, London-based artist Slinkachu continues his clever portrayal of miniature figurines captured in humorous scenes. His latest exhibition, "Miniaturesque...
Kate Rohde + Romance Was Born: Express Yourself
Ever since Kate Rohde partnered with psychedelic fashion house Romance Was Born (RWB) for their 2010 "Renaissance Dinosaur" collection, it's as though a portal to a hallucinatory parallel universe has opened. Most recently this occurred at RWB's...
Keith Lemley: Arboreal
Neon and wood aren't the most likely of combinations, but Keith Lemley welds the two very different mediums into conversation in his latest show, "Arboreal." For his first solo exhibition in New York, the artist—who has become known for his sculptural...
I:Project Space, Beijing
Over the past 20 years, Chinese contemporary artists have risen to the stage of world’s art scene, and Beijing’s two most popular art districts—798 and Caochangdi, with their world-famous galleries and art studios—have become hot spots for critics...
Light Infusion at Dvorak Sec Gallery, Prague
Artist Jiří Černický and designers Michal Froňk and Jan Němečk—of studio Olgoj Chorchoj—joined forces for "Light Infusion" (an exhibition now on view at Prague's Dvorak Sec Gallery). This collaborative show features the designers' existing lighting...
Best of CH 2014: Most Popular
Sometimes it's easy to predict what will be a hit on the internet (kitten GIFs never fail) and, while we like to think all our CH articles are equally enjoyed, some get picked up and spewed all over the web—much to our delight. (This year, some Tweets...
People Looking at Art
A lot of London-based photographer Mark Blower’s work centers on art; like his intimate portraits of contemporary artists, including Marina Abramovic and Grayson Perry, and his “Documentation” photos of art installations. For his latest series...
Jean Jullien's "US"
French-born, London-based illustrator and Cool Hunting favorite, Jean Jullien has returned to London’s Kemistry Gallery with new exhibition “US.” Like much of Jullien’s work, the title itself is humorous and has a double meaning, seemingly referring...
Rise Art
Online art purveyors Rise Art offer affordable works by a variety of artists, that you can either rent or purchase. Also, with every piece sold, Rise Art sends a personal art supply kit to a child in the hospital (sharing supplies is often verboten...
Carlo Scarpa's Casa Tabarelli, Rediscovered
From the peak of the Alps to the very tip of its boot, Italy is a country as rich in history as it is diverse in terrain. And though this is what makes the country so astonishing, it can also end up obscuring some of its most incredible cultural...
Cut-Ups: William S. Burroughs 1914 – 2014
In October 1959, artist Brion Gysin sliced through a pile of newspapers that were scattered atop his desk. Taken by their presentation, he began to rearrange the clippings and connect passages in the way he found most humorous. Little did he know...
Alfred Steiner's "Likelihood of Confusion" Exhibition
There's something uncanny about Alfred Steiner's latest exhibition "Likelihood of Confusion," now on display at NYC's Joshua Liner Gallery. There's an element of deep recognition and familiarity to each work, but an exploration within reveals numerous...
Plan BEY Kicks Off a Creative Empire in Beirut
by Caroline Kinneberg Beirut is a city defined by its contrasts and constant evolution. One neighborhood where this becomes most apparent is Mar Mikhael. Previously a jumble of car repair shops, the area now overflows with trendy restaurants and...
Interview: Tricia MacKenzie of Inter Space Lab
Our contemporary creative world is peppered with scientific and technological influences—exhibitions that feature stylized data mapping, molecular gastronomy, Maker Faire's everlasting dedication to the nerdy artist—it's truly a tradition that traces...
"Say it Ain't Southern"
by Chermelle Edwards Fascinated with train culture and its resulting, reclusive history, Will Rhoten finds himself in the American crossroads of Dallas, Texas. Here, using Instagram as a tool, Rhoten documents the often unnoticed drawings and tags...
Unseen Photo Fair 2014: Obscuring The Human Form
Now in its third year, Amsterdam's Unseen Photo Fair is a veritable artistic force. Housed in a former gasworks, the impressive selection shows that while the world may be drowning in images, when expertly curated, it's still an enlightening medium...
Kehinde Wiley Paints "The World Stage: Haiti"
Kehinde Wiley searches the world to find models to paint. His travels have taken him to Israel, Lagos and Dakar, China, and Jamaica. More recently, he's traveled to six countries in Africa, where, in each destination, he stopped people on the streets...
Word of Mouth: Creative Tel Aviv
by Ross Belfer Tel Aviv is inarguably one of the world’s most paradoxical cities: an often stigmatized society haphazardly positioned within a volatile region of the world. But beyond the headlines lies a dynamic, pluralistic population bursting with...
The Deitch Projects: Live the Art
In 2010, when the enigmatic curator Jeffrey Deitch closed his SoHo gallery, the Deitch Projects, to become the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, he left a vacuum in New York’s own contemporary art community. Once the unofficial clubhouse...
Ditto Press London
Next to the Regent’s Canal in the pretty but comparatively sleepy De Beauvoir area in London, sandwiched in between Haggerston, Shoreditch and Islington, risograph print studio and publishing house Ditto Press has just opened its doors to the public...
Chen Tianzhuo's Picnic
An indolent psychonaut walks onto a stage in a brightly colored outfit and loads his bong with the ritual gestures of a tea master. He puts on a helmet—complete with a weed leaf-shaped halo—and as the bowl burns, a cloud of thick smoke fills the...
Three Summer Photography Shows
As the art season slows down for the summer months and galleries take a breather from the rush of global art fairs, many gallerists take this time to identify and unify themes that reflect some of the concepts being expressed by contemporary artists...
Photographer Will Adler's Tranquil Seascapes
As much as barreling behemoth waves and 14-foot airs may be visually captivating and a major part of professional surfing, it's downright difficult to relate to for most. LA-based photographer Will Adler turns his lens on the ocean and those who...
Charged: Moving Art Forward with Bryce Wolkowitz
Slightly obscured by the glare of the gallery’s impossibly tall and tinted windows, the lines of Robert Currie’s wiry, site-specific installation stretch toward the entrance of Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. Unassumingly elegant, Currie’s sculpture looks...
Word of Mouth: Durban
by Laura Feinstein 2014 is shaping up to be the year of South African design. From Cape Town’s title as world design capital to a series of high profile public arts projects, the formerly embattled country has flourished under a recent wave of creativity...
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