Pingbell Brings the Traditional Bike Bell To Present Day
In bike-friendly cities, more often than not, one's ride is stored in a sea of other bikes, or in the closest place available—which might not be the easiest to remember. One year ago, Amsterdam-based studio FROLIC proposed a simple solution: a...
Blunt + Tile Smart Umbrella
Over the past few weeks we've toted around Blunt Umbrellas' latest offering, the Blunt XS_Metro + Tile. The brand initially drew attention for its sharp looks and patented indestructible design (the first patent on an umbrella sine 1922 except for...
Charged: Afterguard
Racing out on the ocean, the wind can whip mercilessly and consistently, throwing an endless barrage of sea-spray and hurtling your craft faster than its sails and keel can handle. Other times, a swirling gust changes directions without notice or...
Baselworld 2014: GPS Driven Watches
Regardless of where you are in the world—be it an unexpected adventure or a quick layover—GPS watches can be a huge help; naming your location and automatically adjusting the time on your wrist. By coordinating your location based on multiple satellite...
With the recent release of its teeny yet powerful Trax realtime GPS solution, start-up Wonder Technology Solutions joins a growing list of Swedish wearables-focused companies with roots in the crowdfunding system. The successfully Kickstarted Trax...
Blade 350 QX Quadcopter
If the holiday season left you loaded up with socks and lacking old fashioned unadulterated fun, it's time to take to the skies. The Blade 350 QX is the perfect way inject some childlike fun into the new year with a toy that appeals to savvy gadget...
Pet Tracker
See Spot. See Spot run away. Track Spot with Tagg, a GPS device that alerts you with texts when your dog strays from home unexpectedly and maps you to the tracker's location. Tagg also doubles as a Nike FuelBand for dogs, letting owners track activity...
Nikon Coolpix AW100
Nikon has not released a compact waterproof camera since stopping production of their popular Jacques Cousteau-approved Nikonos camera in 2001. Launching today for the consumer market is their answer to the modern adventure seeker's needs—a...
Weekend Camping Gear
When you're ready for a real escape, leave the car behind and hit a trail to really immerse yourself in nature—and learn how to enjoy freeze-dried beans. This second part of our three-part camping series rounds up our top picks for improving...
Pulse of the City
Advertorial content: Anticipating tonight's NYC launch of the Range Rover Evoque it seems like the right time to share a video I've been working on as part of my involvement with the Pulse of the City campaign. While the larger program is an evolving...
Earthmate PN-60w
Projected to hit stores this summer, the DeLorme's Earthmate PN-60w combines GPS mapping technology with satellite messaging for the utmost in convenience and reliability. Using DeLorme's Spot technology, the Earthmate delivers messages via email...
BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount
Cyclists sick of juggling an iPhone while trying to ride will appreciate this waterproof iPhone case that easily attaches to any set of handlebars. Made by the sustainability-driven bike company Dahon, the BioLogic bike mount allows for tracking...
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