Generator Paris
"Hostel" isn't the first word that comes to mind when you step into the freshly opened Generator Paris—from its sheer size alone (916 beds across eight floors) to the supremely Instagrammable communal spaces (where Tom Dixon lights are paired with...
Word of Mouth: Lyon, France
France's second-largest metropolitan area may be well-known for its historic lights festival every December—but when the sun rises, Lyon will take you by surprise. Stumble upon ancient Roman amphitheaters dating to 15 BC (which transform into an outdoor...
Word of Mouth: Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley
by Leora Novick Strategically situated at the fork of Italy, France and Switzerland, Chamonix is no ordinary Alpine retreat. Home to the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924 and situated at the base of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Western Europe...
Absentroux Herbal Wine with Wormwood
At this year's South Beach Wine & Food Festival, we stumbled upon the rather distinct absinthe herbal wine Absentroux. The dynamic drink marries the absinthe and wine experiences, with the predominant note being the rich anise taste associated with...
Lyon's New Musée Des Confluences
Where the Rhône and Saône rivers meet in Lyon is the location of the historic French city's urban development project, which has been transforming the former industrial wasteland into spaces for residences, offices, shopping and leisure since the...
Orée iPhone 6/6+ Wood Shell Wireless Charger
Following up on the success of last year's Pebble 2—a wireless charging hub crafted in the south of France with premium hardwood or stone options—French tech accessories design firm Orée has returned with the iPhone 6/6+ Shell. On the surface, the...
Jean de Lillet 2010
The latest limited edition from the acclaimed, elegant French aperitif brand, Jean de Lillet 2010 is created from a combination of the best Sauternes grapes from Bordeaux and an in-house orange liqueur made from the peels of sweet Spanish oranges...
Tesseron Cognac
It comes as no surprise that Tesseron Cognac—with its family lineage at the pinnacle of winemaking—is among the more graceful and interesting offerings in the world of brandy. Alfred Tesseron is the current director of the stunning estate in the...
Desillusion Magazine Tome III
Though skateboarding and surfing have firm roots in Southern California, the global popularity of skateboarding and surfing continues to desaturate the geographic concentration of each sport's publishing and design centers. In recent years, this...
Terroir Life Wines
by Janine Stankus To oenophiles, the term "terroir" refers to wind, rain, soil, sun, diurnal shifts—all the elements that imbue wine with its distinct character. It’s the “biography of wine,” notes Ali Banks, Terroir Life co-founder, but one which...
Biomorphic Vase
French designers Andrighetto & Miot specialize in creating nature-inspired glassware, all produced in their Mont de Marsan studio in France. The Biomorphic Vase mixes fluid glass with reclaimed wood, which will look great with or without flowers.
Premium Apparel from Café du Cycliste
Picking up a new cool weather cycling kit can be a narrow investment. On the one hand, performance is paramount. Staying dry and warm while reaping the benefits of breathability and bike-specific features like considered pocket placement and visibility...
Moulin Roty Children's Tool Boxes
Many adults amble through their daily lives without a proper tool kit. When a need arrives—be that for a hammer or saw or any type of screwdriver—they're at a loss. Perhaps if the value of such a box were instilled at an earlier age, this wouldn...
Tove Jansson's Moomins on the Riviera
100 years ago Finnish novelist, illustrator and painter Tove Jansson—creator of cult comic strip family the Moomins—was born. Since the first Moomin strip was published in 1945, their stories have been filmed for TV plenty of times, but it’s only...
DIY Boards at Biarritz's Blank Surf Shack
by Jorge Grimberg Known by many surfers as the "French California," Biarritz is just a 20 minute drive from Spain along France's Basque coast. The city boasts truly world-class surfing, is home to the European headquarters of major surf labels including...
Maison & Objet 2014 with Luka Luna
by Caroline Kinneberg While design weeks in London and Milan are oftentimes as much about marketing and events as they are showcasing new designs, Paris Design Week is considerably more retail-oriented. This is especially true at its main attraction...
Deejo's Ultralight Knives
From the downright beautiful to the purpose-built, a good knife is an essential part of anyone's kit—whether camping in the bush or getting chores done around the house. France has a knack for producing some of the most celebrated blades, from the...
Mirabeau en Provence's Vibrant Rosé
Rosé consumption has reached a fever pitch—and rightfully so, as there's a beautiful ease to its modern elegance and a gentleness in the way it complements many meals. But with the surge in demand, there's now a market flooded with options, and selecting...
Thomas de Lussac's Louis XVI is Back
Despite its significant history, the new furniture piece by French designer Thomas de Lussac in association with Perchebois—called "Louis XVI is Back"—is a most contemporary and daring armchair. The connection between de Lussac's approach, which...
GH Mumm Champagne: A Legacy of Victory
Just 80 miles from the tourist hordes of Paris lies the quaint yet unassumingly productive city of Reims. In the heart of the Champagne region, the city serves as the unofficial capital of the surrounding vineyards and the revered beverages they...
Dom Pérignon's 1998 Second Plénitude
At the foot of a remote ice-capped volcano in Southern Iceland—accessible only by a specially equipped SUV or helicopter—around an arrangement of seats made entirely of mirrors, stands Dom Pérignon's head winemaker and Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy...
Macon & Lesquoy
by Dora Haller For the release of Wes Anderson’s latest film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel," Parisian design duo Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy—who work under the label Macon & Lesquoy—created a pair of special embroideries: a set of keys belonging...
L'Atelier du Bracelet Parisien
Choosing the perfect watch can be a challenge: from price point to design, functionality and complexity, many factors can dictate a direction or even unhinge a commitment. There are plenty of worthy brands out there; some for everyday wear and others...
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