Nelson Saiers' "Shortening: Making Irrational Rational" at Alcatraz
Every detail of NYC-based artist Nelson Saiers' current exhibition inside San Francisco's Alcatraz (the famous prison turned National Park) carries depths of meaning. Why would an artist string up football jerseys in the numerical order of Pi inside...
Australian Rules Football
A true "one-eyed" supporter of Australian Rules football is an unflinching, unwavering champion of their team—even if they are the biggest losers in the league. Melbourne-based store Doomsday has created, with Sherrin (who have been making footballs...
Adidas + Streetmachine: 25 Years of European Skateboarding
The winters in Scandinavia are long and rough, but the summers are glorious. It's no secret that when the midnight sun is in full swing, skateboarding thrives on the streets of the North. Originally opening in Paris in 1989, the now Copenhagen-based...
Monitor World Cup Scores With HotBlack Smartwatch
Created by physicist—and avid soccer enthusiast—Richard Hoptroff after 15 years of tinkering with intricately complicated timepieces, the HotBlack smartwatch aims to keep wearers connected to their favorite soccer team, whether live at the match...
Svbscription + The Green Soccer Journal
To celebrate the return of the World Cup, men's luxury lifestyle subscription service Svbscription recently teamed up with The Green Soccer Journal, the London-based publication exploring style and the world of football. As with all Svbscription...
Generation Soccer
Some 20 years ago, US soccer was more closely tied to orange slices and minivans than to the intense passion for the sport seen nearly everywhere else in the world. Now, with excitement for the World Cup reaching new heights, we took a look at what...
Crispin Finn's World Cup 2014 Planner
Our favorite arbiters of red, white and blue have just given their classic yearly wall calendar a competitive edge. Crispin Finn's World Cup 2014 Planner is just as the title suggests—an all-encompassing set of brackets designed to keep track of...
Cool Hunting Video: Nike Magista
Not long ago, Nike invited us to Barcelona, Spain for the unveiling of their latest shoes, which are yet another step forward in the revolutionizing of football boots. The Magista are the brand's first Flyknit football boots, designed in conjunction...
Interview: George Quraishi of Howler Magazine
by Madison Kahn Howler is a new quarterly magazine aimed at the American soccer fan, entertaining both die-hards and newbies alike. Founders Mark Kirby and George Quraishi launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 that raised $69,000 from 1,400 backers...
Typographic Soccer Shirts
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