Star Alliance's Round The World Competition
For many, a trip around the world is an ever-present dream forever out of reach. It's come true for our Editor-at-Large Karen Day, who's presently taking a professional gap year-inspired jaunt around the globe— CH Global Spin—with thanks to both...
A Modular Luggage System, Bugaboo Boxer
We've seen small footsteps toward better luggage (currently an industry drowning in designer labels and cookie-cutter design), like Raden's lightweight case with integrated tech and G-Ro's axle-less two-wheeler. But the latest offering comes from...
Smooth Travels: Away's Carry-On Suitcase
Planning a trip is fun, but hell breaks loose the night before departure when you try to jam a week's worth of clothing into your decade-old suitcase, kicking yourself for spending hours online looking at new bars instead of realizing one of your...
Cool Hunting Video: NYU Fluid Dynamics Lab
The concept of flight has always held humankind's imagination captive—yet making that concept a reality continues to baffle even the most ingenious innovators. We recently got a few insights and a lesson in aerodynamics from NYU Professor of Mathematics...
Flight Patterns
Head of the Data Arts Team at the Google Creative Lab, Aaron Koblin specializes in the artistic merger of data and digital technologies. With work permanently housed at MoMA and beyond, add one of his visual explorations to the walls of your own home...
We fly far and often, and because of this we've become quite particular in our ways, spending a lot of time sorting out which airlines, planes, routes, seats and amenities are going to provide the best case scenario for painless travel. Promising...
Five Senses on a Plane
When it comes down to it, says British Airways Height Cuisine chef Heston Blumenthal, "Eating is the only thing we do that engages all five senses." Certainly air travel provides a challenging forum for a sensory experience, but Blumenthal and his...
Hydration Education
Ask any frequent flier for their tips on how to land at your destination feeling refreshed, and proper hydration will surely rank at the top of the list. Because the level of humidity in most airplane cabins can dip as much as 55% lower than that...
Even the savviest of frequent travelers can fall into the miles trap, letting their rewards go unclaimed or worse, losing entire days strategizing how to cash in for a free ticket. Superfly is a relatively new engine that simplifies the process...
Cathay Pacific Premium Economy
Aiming to bridge the gap between the sophistication of business class and the cramped quarters of coach, Cathay Pacific recently launched Premium Economy class in its 747 and 777 aircraft, available on flights between New York and Hong Kong from...
Nanobot Music
Professor Vijay Kumar from GRASP, the robotics laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, just wrapped up a fantastic TED Talk on his robotics work. Using custom-built quad rotor nano-copters, Kumar's team demonstrated the agility, versatility...
Daytum, One Year Later
One year ago we posted about Daytum, Nicholas Felton's iPhone app and website for tracking and visualizing personal data. While I started off 2011 noting everything from eggs eaten to taxi rides, my range of usage narrowed quickly to capturing travel...
Virgin America's Mile-High Sweepstakes
Advertorial content: It wouldn't be surprising if after reading our recent round-up of great travel bags that some of you were bitten by the travel bug. Luckily, Virgin America is offering Cool Hunting readers a chance to win a round-trip flight...
TravelTeq Trash Briefcase
While Steven Alan lays claim to the ultimate travel bag, globetrotters looking for the ideal briefcase would be hard pressed to beat this Belgian company's first offering. Focused squarely on frequent-flier-mile-collectors, the TravelTeq smartly...
Plantraco Carbon Butterfly
Only half the weight of a dollar bill, this radio-controlled Carbon Butterfly airplane is the world’s lightest at merely 3.6 grams. Recently improved from a previous design, the new model is super flexible and brand-new to the market...
ESG Gryphon
ESG, is a set of wings for parachutists to use to fly as far as 40km before opening their chute. Developed for military use as a way to get troops under a radar, it looks prime to be the next extreme sport. According to Coolest Gadgets, ESG is already...