Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Cornell Renames Institute After Carl Sagan Cornell University’s Institute for Pale Blue Dots is being renamed the Carl Sagan Institute: The Pale Blue Dot and Beyond in honor of the late astrophysicist and former Cornell faculty member. After Sagan...
Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman
Paul Newman appeared in 62 films and spent 50+ years as a respected and renowned actor, but his true joy was car racing. Newman the racer (and owner) is the subject of Adam Carolla's new documentary "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman," a film...
Photographer Cole Barash Presents Six Girls Six Cities
After getting full creative control over a 14-page fashion editorial for Relapse Magazine, Brooklyn-based photographer Cole Barash became fixated on an idea. He shot the fashion spread using a double exposure technique—where each frame of film is...
Tokyo Camera Style
Though smartphones might take the bulk of our daily point-and-shoot photography, street shooting with film is alive and well—especially in Tokyo. Throughout the '90s and early aughts, Japanese camera-makers from Contax to Nikon produced a range of...
Nick Barclay's Abstract Movie Posters
Sydney-based art director Nick Barclay branches outside his traditional covers and spreads for international magazines and political campaigns for something a little more playful. In his latest endeavor, the designer has re-imagined classic film...
Dogsledding in the Great White North: PULL
In climates where the winters stretch on and piling snow is not the exception, but the rule of the day, embracing the cold is the only way of coping. For his latest short film "PULL," Toronto-based director and photographer Goh Iromoto captures one...
Cult Classic Action Movie Posters by Joshua Ariza
by Kohl Crecelius The best artists are those that create for the sake of creating. And, while Joshua Ariza's client list includes the likes of Nike and Red Bull, he has a history of side projects that are attractive, relevant and sometimes downright...
Miami's Borscht 9 Film Festival
With each iteration garnering greater acclaim, grander theatrics and an ever-expanding audience, Miami's quasi-annual Borscht independent film and arts festival debuted its ninth installment at the end of December 2014. Unlike other festivals, the...
Interview: Filmmaker Ry Russo-Young
NYC-based independent filmmaker Ry Russo-Young has three feature films under her screenwriter/directorial belt, which have earned nods like a 2009 Gotham Independent Film Award and 2012 Special Jury Prize at Sundance. Her 2012 film "Nobody Walks...
Interview: Yung Lenox on the "Live Fast, Draw Yung" Documentary
If you're not yet aware of the little creative phenomenon that is Yung Lenox, prepare to be charmed by the seven-year-old artist who spends many of his free hours creating illustrations of rappers and iconic hip-hop album covers. From Cam'ron's pink...
Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Mold
Chill your whisky or other beverage with this slow-melting ice cube, shaped like the Death Star.
Yule Log 2.014
Just in time for the holidays, New York-based animation director and illustrator Daniel Savage is once again rethinking the iconic yule log through a series of digital shorts. Exactly one year ago Savage launched Yule Log 2.0, showcasing the work...
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