Other Brother Olive Oil
Other Brother olive oil first caught our attention with their aesthetic: their 250mL Shorty tin of Growers Blend is a little smaller than a can of beer, easy to grip, and by far the cutest olive oil packaging we've come across, thanks to the sign...
A Film About Coffee
by Chérmelle D. Edwards By profession he’s a commercial director, but by passion he's a filmmaker. Brandon Loper's "A Film About Coffee" is a visual love letter about the journey of specialty coffee—from the farmers who produce it to the people...
Love Grain
There's a new ancient grain in town, and it goes by the name of teff. The tiniest grain in the world is native to Ethiopia, where it's mainly used to bake injera; the flatbread that's a national dish and eaten daily in households. Teff is a nutritional...
Underground Food Collective
Deep in the American heartland, an unconventional answer to the modern food system is steadily gaining momentum. Breaking many conventions of the food industry, Madison, Wisconsin's Underground Food Collective (UFC) defies category. Originally a...
Five Elephant
by Jason Kenny There’s a corner of Berlin where three canals meet, separating the über desirable Kreuzberg, the increasingly trendy Neukölln and the largely ignored Treptow. While one of the canals between Kreuzberg and Treptow once served as a...
Kiyoshi Mino's Felt Menagerie
Made with only a needle and some carded wool, Kiyoshi Mino's large and small felt animals are delightful sculptures of farmstead companions. The colorful ducks, pigs and sparrows are born from a time-consuming process that boils down to a ball of...
Oiky: Memoirs Of A Pigman
A compelling autobiography of a prolific preacher, former pigman and farmer, recorded and edited by one of Britain's revered oral historians, Clive Murphy.
Let's Talk Coffee
During the Let's Talk Coffee (LTC) conference, coffee farmers, importers, exporters, financiers, cafe owners, baristas, and the Sustainable Harvest staff gathered in the Rionegro region of Antioquia, Columbia to do just that. People from twenty-eight...